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By Daveakins1
Hi all,
For those who build their proton pack builds, ever notice from the original movie (1984 Ghostbusters). In the elevator scene where Ray says "Switch me on." Egon reaches to the left side of the pack to turn it on, but yet there is no switch on the breakdown of the pack a switch to power it up around that area?
Just curious.
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By BRD 527
It is kinda funny yes! I have seen a few people put "hidden" switches in that area just because of that scene :-P
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By Alex Newborn
I think the topic's been discussed a few times before. Here's one of the older threads...

viewtopic.php?f=2&t=37535&p=4804679&hil ... n#p4804679

When I was making some upgrades to my pack, I wanted to incorporate this feature. We discussed possible approaches in one of the threads here.

After obsessive study of the hand motion that Harold Ramis makes, I decided to install a rotary switch in my Legris under the ion arm.


It makes a fun way to re-create the scene live without the need for dubbing in a sound effect later.


An alternate angle of that clip by a second camera wound up being used in the documentary Ghostheads, I believe.

If you go on YouTube and search "Lextherobot Switch Me On" you will see several videos by me, some analyzing the film footage, some discussing the installation of the rotary switch.

Enjoy them while you can, some people are saying YouTube is about to implode.

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By robbritton
I’m a massive idiot for only noticing this now, and I’m sure it will have been covered before, but I never noticed the firehouse turns grey half way through the first movie! I’m so conditioned by toys and RGB and GB2 that I just took it for granted it was always red brick.

So there you go, 35 years to notice the colour of one of the most iconic locations in the movie! Good going, Bobby!

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