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By EctoLabs
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Hi Ghostheads,

A (not so) brief introduction... I'm Dave from London and a life-long Ghostbusters fan. In fact, it was my very first obsession in life when I was about 8 years old... Well, apart from Lego. I was obsessed with Lego as well. Thank god Ghostbusters Lego wasn't a thing in the 80s because I don't think I could have handled it.

Anyway, I digress. Back then, I always wanted my own Ghostbusters stuff - my parents bought me the Kenner RGB Proton Pack but I have to admit, I never liked all the bright blue and yellow toys much, and nobody was fooling me with that stupid foam sausage sticking out the front of it. The thing is, I didn't want the kid's merch. I wanted a proper uniform and a proper proton pack and a proper ghost trap that had smoke and flashing lights and awesome noises that suggested a risk to life.

30 odd years later and I find myself in the perfect position to start building the gear I always wanted. I strangely feel I owe it to my former self to make it happen... and then I figured it would be even better if I made my efforts available to the community rather than just keeping them to myself.

Therefore, I have decided to create EctoLabs as my project to do just that. I have a number of original prototypes in the works that I hope you guys will be interested in and, thanks to the lockdown, I've had rather a lot of spare time recently to work on them! I'll be posting the first items in the For Sale section very soon.

Anyways, it's nice to stop forum lurking and to finally start making some contributions of my own... God knows, I need stuff to do at the moment ;)

Stay safe everyone,

Dave@EctoLabs x
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