Discuss the new Ghostbusters movie to be released in 2016, directed by Paul Feig.
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By Donkey8012
Please God, tell me why this crap keeps circulating? Haven't we been through this enough already?
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By Ray Stanz GB
that was horrible. noticeably no truth what so ever.
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By Spooky
AJ Quick wrote:Where did they get that information? From the Proton Charging "Who do you want to be in Ghostbusters" contest?

Or saw this post http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=6526
Its the un altered photo in their article...
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By ROBOrob77
river_of_slime wrote:http://www.dreadcentral.com/story/exclusive-new-ghostbusters-closer-than-we-think

Who's the head of that website? Patrick?
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By Fritz
ROBOrob77 wrote:
river_of_slime wrote:http://www.dreadcentral.com/story/exclusive-new-ghostbusters-closer-than-we-think

Who's the head of that website? Patrick?

If you hadn't mentioned that name I probably would have. It would have gone "Somebody warn Castewar he's probably in for another round of it..." :roll:
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By Mjollnir
Rumor, accident or not I would love to see Rogan as Stantz. He'd be perfect for the role.
By RavenEffect
Wow...you know something... I don't know how I never thought of that before. Granted, we know this ISN'T going to happen. However, in all of the what if type threads I've seen over the years, I don't recall ever thinking of those guys. They just honestly seem perfect. I've heard a lot of people make suggestions like Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller. They are just TOO wacky. They don’t fit the type of sense of humor that Ghostbusters was all about. Somehow, though, I think those four could pull it off beautifully. As long as they make it very clear that the originals won’t be back (or at least not fully) they might be able to get away with it without too much trouble. If we are expecting the original guys, of course we are going to be disappointed.

I think Freddy vs. Ghostbusters and Return of the Ghostbusters proved that we can accept new Ghostbusters if it is done well. I doubt it could come close to the other movies, but it could be like a Ghostbusters for the new generation. I’d love that, so at least the franchise could live on. I wouldn’t want them to do it unless they could do it well, and I wouldn’t want to see them water it down with too many sequels, but… you know something? I think those guys would actually be great. Obviously not what we all REALLY would want, but I think we could forgive them considering it has been too long now and the original guys are just a little too old.
By gbrob
Yeah, I always thought Carrel would be good in a GB movie as he reminds me of Murray.

But who was there "reliable" source... Patrick??
By lozbloke
Digitial Spy, a well known UK based showbiz website, is also running with the story, at the moment its one of the main headlines for the site. Without building up hopes, Digital Spy dont usually publish a story/rumour unless they believe it to be fairly accurate. However they are holding their cards to their chests by also stating that it is a rumour at this stage.

http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/movies/a117 ... sters.html

Im actually up for the idea of handing down to a newer group. I totally agree that this could carry the franchise to a younger generation of potential fans - again, as long as it doesnt get watered down. However, I do think that the title should be not Ghostbusters 3, but should rather have a subtitle (eg Ghostbusters: Hellbent etc), that way we dont get a Jaws esque Ghostbusters 4, 5, 6, etc which would be very dodgy!! - ok, kinda running away with myself there ;-)
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By castewar
lozbloke wrote:Without building up hopes, Digital Spy dont usually publish a story/rumour unless they believe it to be fairly accurate. However they are holding their cards to their chests by also stating that it is a rumour at this stage.

That was the argument made last time ("Ben Stiller to star!"), and the villain then is the same villain as now - WENN.

It's an entertainment news feed, and they don't feel constrained to things like, facts, like AP or Reuters. And fairly sizable and respectable sites take it at face value. And then, it's a firestorm of rumour as fact.

I'll be in the bunker - call me when it's over.
By lozbloke
On my way to work this morning, another GB 3 announcement. This time from National UK radio station Heart FM. On the breakfast show (with Jamie Theakston for all UK peeps), the announcement was again reiterated, "confirming" that the original cast had signed up together with these new guys from 40yr Old Virgin. However, they went one step further to announce a possible release of "as early as Christmas 2009" in UK cinemas. Which is interesting as I hadnt heard of a tentative release date up until then.

Knowing the popularity of Heart FM, I couldnt help but get excited at the time (they even played the Ray Parker Jnr song whilst announcing lol) But hey, this could still just be the effect of chinese whispers! So until Sony announce anything, Im keeping calm!
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By ROBOrob77
Ummm, can you imagine what it would cost to film a live action ghostbusters 3 movie with not only the original actors, but also with the actors from the 40 year old virgin?...I really don't see SONY investing that kind of money into a 3rd installment...however I've been wrong before.

But as for now...I smell bullshit.

Plus, Patrick is going to have a hay-day with this one.
By lozbloke
yeah I have to say, Im still keeping calm about the whole rumour mill issue until something concrete is announced by the powers that be.
However, I thought Id give the above info with a clear level headed view, rather than have it mutated by Patrick into something its not
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By ROBOrob77
So, hypothetically speaking, lets say this GB3 rumor turns out to be true...and they make a sequel to the video game in 2011 or 2012...would the game contain the likenesses/voices of the original gb's or the cast of the 40 year old virgin?
By stanzistheman
ok. one of my local radio stations was talking about a GB3 movie this morning and how cool it would be. Of course all the stuff they mentioned was probally the same we see on this board and also on proptopia.

Now I have a theories or questions. ( trying to do this the right way without getting banned for the NO GB3 rule)

It seems like now there are more and more GB3 movie rumors going around then there has been in the past. Even some Hollywood papers and website are cashing in on this. Could it be possible that if there is enough attention and interest in a 3rd movie, that it could happen? Before the studios didn't think that there might not be enough fan base for a 3rd movie, but when I read the petition on the site for the Game, it makes you wonder. There might be Ghostbuster Fans out there that may not have a game system, but love the movies. Heck some people thought Star Wars might not of worked, but look at the fans after it came out. Also look at the most recent trip at Comic Con. That was the biggest gathering of Ghostbusters I have ever seen.

Another thing I look at is remakes of old movies. For instance The Dark Knight. Yes it was a kick ass movie and I loved it, but they brought back the joker. A classic remake of Batman with Keaton and Nicholson. They did the same with the Hulk Movie( even though the 1st one sucked rotten eggs), and older movies like Angels in the Outfield got remade.

If there is enough attention, who knows. Someone at a Sony Studios or somewhere else might try to give this a shot. Like I said, I am tired of the Rumors too, but what if the rumors may for once help get a movie created.

Also, please don't ban me. I am just letting you what my thoughts are. :walterpeck:
By Raystantz Italy
i love Steve carrel....here in italy isn't SO famous but we are starting to know him. I'd like to see an ipotethyc GB3 with him playing a carachter like the guy he played in Anchorman-The Legend of Ron Burgundy. sorry for bad spelling!
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By Nikorasu
i know its a little scary to me how serious some people take rumors, i sometimes do but the rumor would actually makes sense then but this is a pretty lame rumor
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