By Heatley2001
Has anyone recently bought a custom GB 2 style name patch from Katarra8 on etsy?

I recently bought a GB 2 style custom name patch and arm patch. Arm patch was awesome but name patch was in the style on GB 1. I had asked about it but she had said she was going off files that she had gotten years ago.

She would have to start from scratch and re-digitize the letters. I sent an example of the GB 2 style letters but havent heard anything back.

She even has a listing of GB 2 style patch with correct letter style. ... _active_14

So has anyone else had this issue? She had great reviews.

Thank you.
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By Kingpin
I've not had this experience with her, but at the very least it is a poor example of shop stocking/customer service.
She didn't deliver what she'd advertised and you'd bought, and she shouldn't be advertising the GBII nametags if she hasn't got an active file for the font.

How long has it been since you contacted her with the font sample?
By Heatley2001
Yesterday afternoon. It's 230 now. Honestly I know it not to long ago but before I attached anything to a suit I was hoping to see if exchange was possible.

She responded very quickly to the other messages about my concern. But once I sent the example of the font I haven't heard anything back. So I'm not sure if it's possible to get it redone or not.
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By Matt Campbell
Katarra8's GB2 name tags have never been 100% accurate, the on screen tags have rounded corners and hers aren't rounded, and her font is a little taller & thinner than what was used on screen. Not many people offered the GB2 name tags in the past and as far as I know not many still do, they do offer pretty accurate GB2 name tags in the shop on the site here if your issue with Katarra8 still hasn't been resolved.
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By Ghostytheghost
She's also got "video game" styled tapes, but it clearly looks more like the IDW stuff. Hence the reason I dubbed it the "IDW Nametag" in my SDCC uniform topic.

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