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By MadKidJedi
Hey MadKidJedi,
Here is the thread for my dye job that I did. I think I put the links where I got the dye recipe from. Good Luck!! ... =4&t=30442

I still used the paint after I dyed them.

Thanks, o0Ecto1A0o;

I had seen that thread, and was planning on giving your recipe a go. I will, of course, post results. It will be interesting to see if it will color over the golden yellow. And I already bought the grey primer... yesterday!
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By JA Slow
Defender pads are available on eBay again! I asked the seller if he had more, said 10 still available. I asked for and got a pair of mediums since the comparison photo on the first page of this thread looked the best, tightness doesn't bother me. Get 'em before they're gone!
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By JA Slow
Since Defenders are already grey except for the white stitching around the bubble, does anyone have any dying recommendations so that the whole thing doesn't become too dark?

Wish they had made them entirely grey; after cutting the sleeve you'd be done!
By Stryker412
Anyone know some brick and mortar (or Amazon) stores that I can get some last minute? The guy I was dealing with on eBay was out if hand for how much he was charging. I checked Dicks but none of the ones they carry really looked like the ones from the film. I'm not looking for 100% accuracy but close enough.
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