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By paqman
I'm very weird. I got my Tru a week ago. I ordered a Small because by all means that's what I fit in according to my own measurements. I'm 6'2" and fairly slim, the problem comes with my shoulders -- which are broad, and really long arms (I'm a lanky mofo). The sleeve stops well above my wrist, and while it doesn't look that bad, I see why ppl say order a size up for Tru-Spec's. A medium would have done the trick, but then I'd be swimming in it for the sake of having cuffs that fall past or on my wrist. The leg inseam is fine though.

In the meantime, I'll just roll the sleeves up since everything else fits fine. I think most normal body shapes and lengths shouldn't have a problem, I mean, if you're under 6 feet and don't have a giant wingspan like I do, you should be okay lol.

When I make a khaki uniform, I'll buy medium and see how that fairs.
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By kind2311
you should just get a tall/long nomex suit. it will look better than a tru-spec and be about the same price.

and when is comes to tru-spec, if youre not fat its better to order a size small than your measurements say since tru-specs run big in the mid-section and legs(bagginess)
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By Croesus
Hey guys,

My turn to sound like a dumb ass but this is sorta confusing. I have a Rothco Small which seems to fit me quite well, I want to get a new suit so I can make it my GB 2 costume... might as well go all out and get a Nomex :D

I'm 30 waist/30Leg (UK) - 34-36inch Chest and around 5ft6/5ft7ish

Now... I know I could go for a 34S or 36S but reading the other posts... Nomex sizes aren't exactly what they appear to be?

li'll help? :)

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By kind2311
its best to order 2-4 sizes larger than your measurements say when going with a nomex suit. I would say get a size 38R or even 40R just to be safe. remember GB suits are supposed be slightly baggier than military pilots wear them.
By Potato.
I'm so confused. The top thread about buying a suit has everyone stating to buy up a size for chest, and this one is the opposite. I have a 39-40" chest and would buy a 42R Nomex from the first thread, but this one is telling me to go to a 36 or 38... Can anyone clarify this before I drop some cabbage on an expensive flight suit?

Just to be sure, I'm 5'9", about 165 (skinny) lbs., and 39-40" chest.

Any recommendations?
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By BH-7060
Sorry to revive this thread, but I see a lot of people have gotten help for their flight suits. For a guy from Norway, the American sizing proves a little confusing, and I would love your expert input on which size I should chose. These are my measurments in inches:

½ Chest Circle: 23,6
Sleave Inseam: 22,44
Leg inseam: 33,5
Center Front Length: 34,6

I seem to get lost in the charts and I'd appreciate your help.
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By Wallabe
I'm hoping to get a little bit of clarification. I currently wear a medium rothco, and that seems to be a good fit, except for the length from crotch to shoulders. I had been considering a 40 Long Nomex, but the medium rothco seems to match up with about a 34 or 36. Would one of those sizes be a wiser choice?
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By Undrtkrbob
Wanted to get some input for myself for ordering a new suit. I'm wanting to order a Nomex. Now since the suits are measured by chest size would it work accurately to use my actual business suit measurements? For example, I wear a 42 long coat when I buy my business suits. Would that work for the Nomex or would that be off? For reference my measurements are:

Chest: 39
Hips: 42.5
Arm: 23.5
Leg: 32
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By Dr.Dion
Can I have any help all those sizing confusing me... I will buy those cheap flight suit replica... I think it's Rothco...

I need 1 to fit to :
Chest : 48"
Waist : 40"

And 1 to fit to :
Chest : 44"
Waist : 38"

Anyone can help on that please ;)
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By Higgs1
hate to bump this old thread, but would love some help before dropping some $ on a flight suit.

I was ready to purchasea 46L as I thought the number was the chest size, glad I found this thread.

My measurements are 44" chest when lungs full, wear a ~38" pant, and am 6'3" usually inseam for jeans is 32.

With the above I'm looking at a 42L I believe, which should give me some room to wear a shirt under the suit and still be comfortable. Can someone please confirm this for me?

By mwells
I am a newbie wanting to get a nomex suit. Here are all the mesurments and stats what size do you guys think would be best for me to get since I have never ordered one and I am a bit on the strange size with long arms etc:

Height 6'2
Weight 150 lbs
Chest: 36 inches
Overarm: 44 inches
Waist 32 inches
insleeve armpit to wrist 22 inches

What size would you guys recommend? I have looked at the chart but am still not sure all measurements were done professionally
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By Higgs1
mwells wrote:I am a newbie wanting to get a nomex suit. Here are all the mesurments and stats what size do you guys think would be best for me to get since I have never ordered one and I am a bit on the strange size with long arms etc:

Height 6'2
Weight 150 lbs
Chest: 36 inches
Overarm: 44 inches
Waist 32 inches
insleeve armpit to wrist 22 inches

What size would you guys recommend? I have looked at the chart but am still not sure all measurements were done professionally

I'd go 38L. I'm a 44" chest and a 46L fits like a glove, not tight, not too loose either. and you'll definitely need the L as I'm 6'3" and the L is just long enough for our tall statures. A regular would make it look like you're expecting a flood.

Good Luck
By Steve Waters II
I'm 6'5 and the XL Long Tru-Spec fits great everywhere BUT the arm length. I have to keep my sleeves rolled up, because the elbow pads jack them up further. So I need to find a second suit and put this one on the back burner. If there are other tall guys out there, then you may wanna look into another company.
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By nstevic01
Supporting Member
I'm gonna bite the bullet and ask for help. I got my measurements taken and I can not seem to find a suit that fits.

Chest: 48.5"
Leg Inseam: 26"
Sleeve: 34"

It seams that all of the suits that would fit my chest end up being way to long in the arms and legs. I tried on 2 different Rothco's, the XL (which the crotch was way too tight, chest fit good, and the legs/sleeves were a tad too long) then I tried on the XXL (this one was just WAY to big all around.

What do you guys think?
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By Porturtle
Alright I give. Gonna ask opinons.

I am interested in getting a Tru Spec I have a 40chest So will I be ok with a Large? Or should I up to an XL?

I have an XL Rothco and it fits alright but the sleeves are long.

I want a bit of a better quality suit and I have heard Tru Spec is ok.

What do ya all think?
By BahamaBuster
I am 6'3" 260 pounds. I got a Tru Spec XXL. It fits, but barely. I wish I had the XXL Tall. So, take that for what it's worth. (my problem with the XXL is the height not the gut, my gut gets covered, just wish it were a taller suit.)
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By Deadohiosky
For everyones reference, Im 6'2'' 160 pounds and broad shoulders.
I have a 40L Nomex thats just a little too tight in the crotch. It could also be a little baggier.
For anyone with similar dimensions to me, I'd recommend at least a 42L maybe a 44L

I've been wearing the 40L for years, but I'm in the market for a 42L or 44L if anyones selling/ trading!
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By Vee
I've been on the hunt for a smaller size of flight suit for a while now, hoping to upgrade from my dress uniform to try something warmer and my consistent with what the rest of my group wears. I think I may have found a listing for one I want. It's a CWU-27/P Nomex with its size listed as "Misses 2R", and I can't find diddly or squat about the measurements of anything but the chest or waist. This is a problem because I've found that I'm always swaddling in the legs of flight suits because I'm short. I want to be cautious before I go and spend my cash on this.

The question is: Does anyone know of a size chart for "Misses" or womens' coveralls/flight suits in general? This would really help my quest of finding something that would fit me. And am I missing something in the description that explains the leg length?

Here's a picture of the tag from the listing.
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By lunchbox739
I have been searching for women's nomex suits for my GF for awhile now. I've spoken with surplus store in damn near all 50 states and they all tell me the same thing, they don't carry them because they don't sell. The us military didn't even have specific women's sizes until the late 90s according to my research. It took some female aviators 2 years and a 100 page report to convince the military to implement them.

Having said that if you google women's flight suit size chart and look through the first 10 pages of results you will find a pdf of the report that was submitted that has the proposed size chart for women's flight suits. That's as close as I've gotten to finding an actual mil spec size chart for women

I have some business dealings with a large surplus store owner that has told me that if i can get specific sizes he would pick up some women's flight suits but it would have to be more then just a couple. So if you ladies want to band together and find out where you fall on the size chart...ill place a call... if you find anything that I might of missed please chick hates the dresses and would love a flight suit that actually fits her.

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By Michael Ponder Jr.
Okay, i'm new.. and i was going to buy a flight suit from the shop, but i have NO idea what would be the right size for me.
I been looking over the charts and what not, but i'm an idiot, unless it's in plain english.. IE "4 foot tall and bla bla in inches for chest"
I don't know what i'm reading.
Best way to put it is, i'm 5 foot 9, and about 265 pounds, which size would be right for me?
I'm not sure what my chest size is sadly.

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