By XenuPrime
.... and I could see the GBs setting up franchises.

You could?

They flat out said it.

Haha! I can't believe I forgot that! I shouldn't post when I'm sleep deprived and on alergy medicine.
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By Nassik
I'd like to touch on this subject again as it's something that comes up locally from time to time.

Some of us in WA have opted to wear both the traditional Ghostbusters logo patch and a franchise patch... the traditional logo is worn on the right shoulder and a smaller WA logo patch is worn on the pocket flap on the left shoulder. You can see an example of it in this photo:


The trick for us was to make the franchise patch small enough to fit on the left shoulder pocket flap. This patch arrangement serves two purposes... first, it enables us to identify ourselves as a franchise while retaining the traditional Ghostbuster look. And secondly, it suggests that the franchise is a sub-group of a larger organization (since the traditional, full-sized Ghostbusters logo patch is displayed prominently on the right shoulder).
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By Chace
There are still questions bout this?

I mean this is in no way new...the Georgia GB's were doing this in 1998 just a couple of years after I got out of the Army, which was the basis for our unit and command placement...Hell this thread is based in the early 2000's when there was still resistance to the idea...

I mean nowadays people do all sorts of nonsensical crossover costumes, boba fett as snow white, boys dress as girls, and vice versa...and all of that is as someone who was one of the first to "dare" to put a custom patch on the "wrong" these modern times I have to ask...does anyone still care?

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