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By Hoot
I will be painting my shelf and finally completing the build in the coming days. I will likely paint the shelf this evening. Question is do I use the Rustoleum Satin or a flat black (also rustoleum)?
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By PssdffJay
Agreed. I picked up a little flat black rattle can at michaels because I happened the be in there at the time. Just don't do what I did and knock it over when it was still wet. The dirt and grit in the paint does make it look a little weathered though.
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By Wharin
You could also leave it natural too. I've seen some of the hero boards with the natural and some painted black. I think the natural makes the lights pop way more, but after all it is your gizmo.
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By thebigone2087
I feel like an ass, as many times as I have lurked your proton pack build I never noticed in your signature you had a gizmo build. I'm looking nab one of these guys soon myself so its cool to see a thread of one of these going together. Great Work!
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By Hoot
Hey guys... I am going to leave my shelf stock silver for the moment. I dig it. That being said what the f*** is this random silver clip for???? Battery holder??
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By Morydees
Sweet, I'm looking forward to pics of it unpainted because I may do the same. Going to try to get mine done before Wondercon in April but it's getting close. I don't have my box o' parts in front of me so I can't comment on that clip. Got a pic of it handy?
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By Morydees
Doh! Hey, I swear that pic wasn't there when I posted but suddenly it is. Either I'm blind or you somehow were able to edit after my response, which I didn't think was possible. Probably just blind...
By armyofchuckness
Hey, this all sounds really amazing, but I can't see any of the pictures now that Photobucket has decided to be evil. Is there any way we can access the pictures for the build? Thanks so much!

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