By Chris Brewin
Hello again!

If you've seen in my GB1 uniform checklist I think you'll agree that having stand as it's own thread is a good idea. So, I thought I'd do a separate thread or 5 for my progress on the various bits. As I get to parts that fit in other categories, I'll be sure to link them all together as many others have. So. Here's my checklist (pardon the mostly copy-and-pasted-ness). I've made a couple of updates from my other post.

1st "Layer":
Khaki pants - Wal-Mart, Thrift Shop... Somewhere inexpensive.
Black shirt - I already have one.
Combat boots - already own thanks to being a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. They're not perfect, but only people like us would know the difference.

2nd "Layer":
Grey/khaki flight suit - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Name tape - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
No-Ghost logo patch - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Hose coupler (tan) - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Hose (yellow) - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Elbow pads - will purchase from GBFans shop.
Chemical gloves - Purchased @ GBFans shop.

Belt and associated kit:
Belt - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Assorted fobs - purchased from Tyger Cheex. Check below (later) for pics once they show up.
Gizmo holster - have a line on one from a member here.
PKE meter holster - might make my own, or get one from a member here.
Trap holster - will probably get here.
Radio holster - will find a member here making them, or make it myself.

Other tools:
Gizmo - have a line on one from a member here.
Radio - still trying to figure that out...
Proton Pack - pre-ordered Anovos' replica *crossed fingers I get it and it doesn't suck*
PKE meter - SEE BELOW! Super stoked about this one.
Trap - going to make the bulk of the trap using balsa according to the plans here then add accent parts either from here or have them 3D printed.
Goggles - will buy the Matty ones here.

My first package from GBFans came in the mail a few days ago...

Just the basics; flightsuit, patch and belt. The next package has the gloves and name tape. The third will have hose and connector. Since the elbow pads have such a long wait time, they'll be bought later.

Now... what I'm really proud of (if PayPal will stop being silly)...

Quite happy I didn't have to pay $400-$4000!

Anyway. That's where things stand so far. As more stuff arrives, I'll add more. Thanks for reading!
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By Chris Brewin
Good new first? Or bad? I'll give you the bad news first so that the good news can cheer you up after.

Bad news is PayPal wasn't being very cooperative and while I won the auction on the PKE meter, PayPal wouldn't let me pay for the item, so it's back on a search I go.

The hose and hose connector have shipped. Tyger Cheex's fobs have shipped. Still waiting on the nametape and gloves though. They should ship next week, fingers crossed.
By Chris Brewin
I was lucky enough to find another PKE on ebay... it started out at $50 US but after over 30 bids it ended up going for just $235... to your's truly! I'm stoked to get it. I'll be making the holster myself out of nylon webbing (that backpack strap stuff) once I get it. I'll likely do a customization thread as I'm going to be installing the PKEnhanced sound mod once version 2 is available again. Still waiting on fobs and such. Should be here by the end of the week, if the blizzard from Hoth we're having here in Nova Scotia Canada ever lets up.
By Chris Brewin
Just back from the post office and found these pretty little things waiting in my mail box...


Thanks again to Tyger Cheex for making such amazing fobs and offering them at such a great price, too. No way I could have made them as well for less than $50 CAD that I paid for them, shipping included. And despite 4 days of snow storms in my area, they were still here within a week and a half.

The next thing that should be coming is my hose and connector. My gloves and name tag keep getting delayed and I've sent an email asking about it. We'll see.

Then it'll be the PKE meter. Speaking of, I think I'm going to build my own custom holster for it. You can check out my idea for it here...
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By Glenn Frederick
Supporting Member
Look like it's coming along very nicely.

I have to say collecting the first parts of the Uniform was the most fun I had when I started searching for items.

There's nothing like putting it all on for the first time! :cool:
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