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By slicerd1
Hey guys I think I saw a thread about this a while ago but I thought I would share some results and that others may find useful.

Vinegaroon (aka vinegar black) is mixture that alter the chemical composition of leather dying it permanently black and it will not rub off on you clothes etc. I purchased a few different tape measure holsters to hold my PKE, sound level meter, and build some belt gizmos. These all started off as natural/tan leather and with about $3 worth of steel wool and vinegar they are now a nice deep black. I followed the instructions at the site below vinegar+steel wool for about 1 week, a quick bath for the leather and them a few minutes later another bath in the baking soda and water. ... gar-black/

You can see my results below. Unfortunately I didn't take a before pic but all 5 holsters were originally the color of the upper right hand holster. The upper right hand was the only one to resist the chemical effect and must of been treated/sealed before hand. Unfortunately I have no way of telling if leather has been sealed but is was definitely the stiffest of the 5.

Hope some one finds this useful! Thanks
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By bishopdonmiguel
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Another set of instructions here if anyone interested... viewtopic.php?f=42&t=37036
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By slicerd1
See I knew it was on here some where. Thanks for posting that Bishop.

Also pics of the completed holsters with a PKE and sound level meter. I added some leather conditioner to the leather and it looks real nice.

The PKE holster is the the $5.50 one on amazon really nice for the price a bought a couple extra to make into gizmo holders.

I added the tie down leather strip to hold the sound meter in place should be good for convention going.

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