By Ecto716
Hey gang,
So a few years ago I bought a khaki rothco suit in 2xl and it was roomy on me. Sadly to say a few years and (too) many burritos later the suit is a bit snug. When I went to try on a 3xl the other day and the proportions were just all sorts of messed up! The legs and sleeves were about a foot too long and the chest pockets were down to my waist, I could practically use them as regular pants pockets.
So not to make this too much longer, I was wondering if any of my fellow big Busters have any luck with a 3xl Tru-Spec like the ones listed here on the sight. I dont want to order one and have the same issues I have with a Rothco. Any Help would be awesome!

Also, if anyone knows where to get a decent Belt Gizmo that would also be cool.
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By gbchef
I have a couple 3xl tru specs. I am 6’ and weighed about 290 (before I recently lost 40 lbs). And it fit me well, no pocket issues. I have to go down a size or two now cause I am swimming in them. Lol. Are you looking for premade gizmo or kits?
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By Ecto716
Thanks for the heads up with the suits! Guess I can finally pull the trigger on getting a Khaki suit and turn in my navy blue work overalls.
In terms of gizmo's, doesn't matter really.
By Dremen
I was wondering about this too. I currently wear a 2XL Long in Tru-Spec and it fits me ok, maybe a little to snug and the arms are a little short. Is the 3XL Rothco going to be really big on me? And what about the 3XL Tru-Spec? I'm mostly worried about the arms being short.

Edit: Adding a picture of my current suit, a 2XL Long Tru-Spec. The arms are already short and I'm worried about it shrinking when I wash it.

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By doctorevil30564
I was worried about shrinkage for my Tru-Spec flight suit. I needed to wash it to get the wrinkles out of it, so when I ran the wash cycle I used the delicate cycle with a small amount of fabric softener with the water set to cold, then let it air dry. It still fits OK, so I think that did the trick.

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