By NoLarryOnlyZuul
Will anyone hate me for making my fobs out of 1" nylon and generic claps?Image
Absolutely not. This is as friendly a community as you'll find (besides a couple bad apples.) Anytime you can get decently close to accurate without breaking the bank AND by hand-making your layout is a success. :cool:
By Sailerm
I'm glueing a metal washer to the hose connector and sewing in high strength magnet to the flight suit to connect it to the leg
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By Sailerm

First test with the magnets. The magnet with backing plate with a single magnet is simply in the pant pocket. Not sure if I like how the hose hangs from it.
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By Sailerm
My concern is more about washing the suit and wearing it without the hose if need be. The single magnet idea wasn't quite right but 4 smaller magnets proved to be a success Image
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By Demon Vice Commander
It's a common misconception that you can't wash the suit with a hose connector sewn on - just make sure that you use some strong coat thread to sew it on, and be certain to turn the suit inside out when you wash it. For added strength, you can sew a small vinyl patch behind the connector on the inside of the suit. I've been using this method for almost a decade on numerous suits and have never had an issue.

It just seems like a lot of folks tend to over-engineer the hose connector by resorting to magnets, industrial adhesives, and interlocking components. :)
By Sailerm
I'm a rack amateur most of the time building costumes so I do tend to overthink things
By Sailerm
What's most common amongst everyone?

Clean flight suit, weathered flight suit or slimed flight suit?
By livewire008
Good job making your fobs. I did something similar using a dog collar I found at the $1 store, and some generic clip hardware.
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