By adamthezombie
Hey guys. Im brand new here. Every year I have been telling myself "Alright, this is the year I do it." but this finally is the year I get all my stuff together and make a full suit. Already having trouble with my first baby steps. I am a BIG guy. I wear a 5x shirt size and I simply cannot find any flight suits in my size that aren't in Black or OD. Are there any other big Ghostheads here who can point me in the right direction? I can easily dye a light suit, but I have only heard nightmares of trying to remove dye from OD and have decided against even trying that route. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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By doctorevil30564
Black and OD Green flight suits can make for pretty awesome looking GB uniforms if you decide to go that route. I sympathize with your situation, I'm 6 foot 7" and a tru-spec 3XL fits me for the most part, but the crotch is a little tight, and the sleeves are too short on me. You would think they would make a 3XL Long for taller guys.
By adamthezombie
that could work! $200 is definitely out of my price range but I hadn't thought to look at mechanic coveralls. Thanks for the point in a new direction! otherwise... hey, why can't I bust ghosts in OD or black? lol.
By Marvy
Hey! I had a friend in the same boat, so I found a pattern at a local craft shop (McCalls #6417) and had a seamstress mod it to fit his sasquatchesque proportions. It’s a pattern for kids, but was easily (and cheaply) able to be scaled up.

Good luck!ImageImage

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By DarkSpectre
KH Walls used to carry a tan coverall with the correct brass chest zippers for around 50 bucks that went up to a 6x but sadly they did away with the tan option. However if you're willing to put a little elbow grease into it, you could get the navy ones and dye them charcoal grey and have a GB 2 uniform. The walls coveralls are very good quality. A former member of my team was a big dude and ended up getting the tan and grey colors they used to offer. However you could just put a gb 1 patch on it and be good. ... A9#start=2
By Nesslyquick
Oh man, that tan Walls is not longer available? That's what I was going to recommend!

I'm going to try to fix the collar from a point to more a club collar. Other than that, and maybe thinning the legs a bit, it's been a good flightsuit for me.

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