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By NotSabbat
Its a nylon fabric and nylon strapping. pretty common stuff to find, but youll probably spend at least $20+ getting the materials together.

Nylon is also VERY hard to dye. You can try using synthetic dye, but again getting a true black will be a difficult result to get. There are instructions online that you can easily find. Just do a search for dying nylon fabric. *spoiler* it involves heating dye in a big pot.

As another option you could try using a black fabric spray paint made for synthetic fabric. Here is an example for some I have used in the past: ... bric+spray

It can wear off after a bit, but its probably going to be the best option for you.

And, yeah, if you are dead set on going with black shoulder and kidney straps its going to be pricey.
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By Jairus
No liquid dye that you can use at home is ever going to give you black, even if it's meant for nylon.

Honestly, spray paint them. If you can find it, get a can of black vinyl dye at an auto parts store. If not, just use regular black spray paint and give each strap multiple, very thin coats. (Seriously, it should take 5 or 6 times spraying a very fine, thin coat on them before they're done. If you try to put one single coat on they'll be sticky for days.)

They're not going to look good either way, but you get what you pay for. Buy new ones if you want them to look good.

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