By Torwen
Hi fellow Ghostheads...

Halloween is coming close and I‘m frustrated with finding a correct sized flight suit.

I am exactly 5.10 and 182 lbs.

What I have here:

- Truspec 38R
- Truspec 36S
- Carter Industries (?) 38R.

Truspec 38R:

inseam much too long, can‘t remember the rest. Have to try it on again, put the damn rag in a shelf months ago. Felt like a baby in a playsuit.

This was my first suit. So...went one size down which was 36S. Small because of the much too long inseam on the 38R. Also Truspec. The damn thing came in the mail and I‘ve tried it on: legs / inseam a little bit shortet than on the 38R. Was ok...crotch too tight (I wore skinny jeans under the suit!), much too tight around the belly...looked myself in the mirror: ridicolous!

When I‘ve stretched my arms out in front of me - very tight on the back / shoulders. Sleeves too short with arms stretched out. Overall the inseam was ok but that was all...crotch area too tight, around the belly...shoulders...sleeves ok when arms loosely on the side but too short when I bend down or stretch my arms out.

Ok - two flightsuits for the trash.

Third purchase: a used Carter (?)38R.

Arrived in the mail...inseam was shorter than on the truspec 36S. Funny! Belly...the same like on the 36S. Looking like a knockwurst. Ridicolous.

Carter 38R flightsuit much more accurate than the Truspec. This was the only benefit of it.

Pics will follow, too annoying via mobile phone uploading them here.

What would be the next choice? 40S? 40R?

I can‘t visit a store and try these things since we don‘t have this stuff here in europe.

So: halloween‘s coming close...buying only online just always have to guess sizewise...time runs out waiting for it to arrive down the drain and no flight suit for halloween cause too late.

Slowly I think I‘m deformed or something.

Anyone 5.10, 182lbs with the same problem??

Pics will follow.
By Bolex
Hi there I'm in same situation though not bought yet want for Halloween been told to look for a CWU-27/P flight suit problem is there is discrepancies in size where you look and you can't seem to get in uk military and navy shops and some want heavy postage and custom charges even the logos that are recommended from USA are 12 pound postage did not think it would be this hard as I would of thought there would be a lot of ex uniforms floating around in uk ? And stuff you could buy from uk sci fi shops for instance . It's as if thoughh ghostbusters is big its main fan base is in the USA. Another thing noticed the colour of uniform that fans wear seems too light compared to the film which has a more greyish colour I guess due to lighting Star Trek uniforms from the 60s is classic of this as the uniform Kirk wears in real life is a slight greenish hue to it but lighting made it yellow so what's the point of a screen accurate uniform unless you want it to be filmed in only . Believe anovos who make screen accurate uniforms we're guilty of this .
By BRD 527
I'm 6'2 180ish and I went with a Medium Long from the shop here
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