By Ghosts-in-the-216
Has anyone bought a 'Flyers' Nomex CWU-27/P suit off of eBay? One of the sellers have them for $66.86 brand new with free shipping. It appears to have all the correct pockets and says it is MIL-spec. I'm looking to make my first uniform and wondering if this is a good choice or am I better off getting one through the gbfans website? Thanks for any input.
By chris8414
I have bought 2 suits off this site, I am overall very pleased with what I received, but the suits on this site do not have the correct pockets. They are missing the extra pockets on the middle of the thighs, as well as the extra button on the inner left thigh. Also on the suits on here the ankle zippers are on the inside of the suit not the front middle like the suits used in the movie. The suit that you asked about the Flyers Nomex CWU-27/P suit is as close as a real suit as you can get. I will be buying one of those on my next suit I do. I do believe they used Gibson and Barnes suits in the films, but those do run very pricey I think $200 per suit. The suit you found on eBay looks very accurate! Good luck and enjoy the wonderful journey you're going to have putting everything together!
By Ghosts-in-the-216
Thanks for the input, Chris8414. I guess I should have compared the two side by side before saying they appeared to have all the pockets. The reviews on the gbfans shop suit were pretty good but I wanted to see if I could find something a little more accurate. For the price I figured this might make a good choice. I'm not looking to have this ready for this Halloween but I do want to slowly assemble items for next year.

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