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By Theoderic
Can’t figure out how to embed that image.
Hi there,

did you check these little landscape-icon amongst the other ones right above you posting-textbox? It will give you the proper image-tag to add your graphics-linkaddress inbetween, so you may end up with something like this:


Pretty nice jumpsuit by the way! :)

greetings 'n stuff
By BruceWright
Yeah, I tried that too. I think the board requires a filename ending in jpg. but onedrive won't let me create a link with the filename in it. So I need to host graphics elsewhere.
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By iam8114
Onedrive, like most cloud storage solutions, won't allow you to direct post images. I suggest using IMGUR as you can share from that, just make sure you make your libraries private unless you want random internet users commenting on your stuff.
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