By JayKing
Anyone tried one of these ebay generic radio holsters for their MT500? I'm not having any luck finding a proper holster for my MT500 and am ready to settle for that thing. Would LOVE a real Motorola holster. Would be [almost] equally happy with one from Wharin or Tyger... but they dont seem to be taking orders. Maybe I should be patient and wait for a better option to come around.

If you've tried that generic one from ebay, how is it? Pics?
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By Wharin
I should be opening orders again next week. Between the current batch of orders and a few comissions, with the addition of a side project and a holiday, ive been a surprisingly busy dude. Believe me I'd be happy to keep taking orders constantly, but I owe to my customers to keep my quality at my usual maniacal level while still maintaining an illusion of sanity. Bide your time and be patient, tis the cosplayers way!
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By Hammer
If the MT500 has the same measurements as the MT1000 I can probably get you an original holder. They are def well used and will need no weathering...... Let me know if interested.
By JayKing
woohoo! lucked out and found a real MT500 with a holster on ebay for $50. figure i can get at least $25-30 for the MT500 (plus I have an extra shorty antenna laying around). so I should only be in to this case for $20 :) HAPPY
By bluebirdgm
In case (no pun intended) someone was still curious about this, the Bianchi 18520 (aka the Bianchi 7314) can accommodate an MT500 as an alternative to a real MT500 holster.

The MT500's actually slightly thicker than the Bianchi holster, but there's enough give in the back panel of the holster that it can squeeze in snugly. The holder strap isn't long enough to wrap over the top of a longbody MT500 (see pic below), but should be fine if you're lucky enough to have an accurate shortbody one. The pistol belt can be pushed through the loop in the back, so one does not need the swivel model of the holster.
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