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By pOOpTarT
I recently found what I think is a very close match to Venkman's Orange Shirt worn in the "Fountain Scene" of the first film.
The only big differences I spotted is the button color (orange instead of wood/tortise) and the fact that I had to add the elbow patches (which I suspect may have been aftermarket, anyway). I suspect that these may have been alterations by costuming to make the shirt "pop" on camera a little better (contrast for buttons and elbow patches). If anyone knows, I'm all ears.

I got it several weeks ago, but I kept it under wraps for a reveal at Phoenix Comicon for the rest of my team. Now that PCC is over, I'll share with the rest of the class.
Without further delay... here's my shirt.

It's a vintage L.L.Bean... chamois material (like heavy flannel).

There was no fountain to twirl around, so the food court behind our booth would have to do.

There was an awesome L4D2 Witch near our booth... she would cry and then scream at anyone who disturbed her...

Driving the truck for the Zombie Walk on Friday with our GB2 Janine. :eyeroll:

Also of note, the shirt cost me under $20, including shipping. :cool:
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By Alex Newborn
I bought a very similar Woolrich shirt last year. When it arrived I thought it was a little too red, little too dark. Never did add the elbow patches. May have to revisit this concept.

Do I presume correctly that the card in your pocket contains the "I found the name Zuul for you" speech?

Another fun 'worn-by-Bill-over-the-flightsuit' option, though definitely more obscure, was the blue down vest and black fedora option that I wore to Alabama Phoenix Festival last month...


Since I am still working on my proton pack, it was a nice addition.

I did have a lady, the artist for a comic strip called 'The Devil's Panties' ask if I was supposed to be 'Ghostbusters meets Back to the Future?'

I explained that it was from a specific behind-the-scenes clip from the shooting of GB2.


I even told them the "whattaya say we beat the hell out of the tourists" line, and her husband shrugged and said, "Yeah, I'd beat somebody up if Bill Murray told me to."

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By pOOpTarT
There was a thread where AJ Quick confirmed that the shirt was an L.L.Bean,
so I've kept my eyes peeled.

I think I got lucky finding one so close (and for such an unbeatable price).
I just had to add the elbow patches, and I'm still considering changing out the buttons (I wouldn't be surprised if costuming didn't do the same thing with the original shirt in the film. Orange buttons on an orange shirt just don't have much contrast... that's also why I wonder if the elbow patches were added... for contrast).
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By pyhasanon
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Colors are wrong... It's supposed to be Hunter Orange, and the buttons are the same color as the shirt...

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