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By Alden
Hey I'm looking for two custome reboot name patches (the khaki and orange ones) but on ebay I can only find ones from the US that charge over $14 for shipping each. So is anyone in Europe or someone in the US who will post at a reasonable price making these?
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By Naptime
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We got ours through Etsy: 8bitspock or Katarra. Good luck!
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By Matt Campbell
Like Naptime suggested there are some on Etsy. The 2 that I seen that were accurate were 8bitspock who sells either the 4 ladies names or custom for $20.38 but shipping price wasn't listed, and HeatherOstrow who sells custom reboot tags for a bit cheaper at $13.59 but once again shipping wasn't listed.
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By Kingpin
Heathers and Katarra's are both quite good (though Katarra has been difficult to work with in ensuring custom logo designs aren't flogged to any potential customer). 8bitspock's are currently the most accurate to what's seen on-screen, as they offset the orange as if it is a drop shadow cast by the silver lettering, rather than stitching the orange as a solid border to the silver portions.
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By MonaLS
I have the 8BitSpock one, but with my name it's way too long for the uniform. Looking for an alternative. For screen accurate, measure the size of your top pocket and have the name tape made that long. The 8BitSpock is on fabric cut to size. I would prefer actually name tape, but no one I can find is making shadowed letters on name tape.

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