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By realghostbusterjoe
Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove an iron on patch from a uniform?
I want to take mine off and put a better looking one on..
Any suggestions ??? :whatever:
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By castewar
DarkSpectre wrote:Get an edge started and then it should just peel off.

It's not always as easy as that, depending on how much the backing has fused with the cloth - when you can peel a badge off, it's only adhered to the surface of the fabric, but it can also bind a bit deeper, making it nearly impossible to remove without damaging the badge or damaging the fabric. A lot of times, when backings are old or cheap, you have to apply a lot of heat to get them to adhere, but you end up really fusing them in place.

If you have trouble getting them to separate, you may have to take to applying heat to whatever glue you can spot, and slowly "cut" away at the glue layer (like, using a wood burning rod.)

Hopefully it'll just peel away.
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By castewar
Imagine it as kind of like a slightly more brittle version of glue gun glue - I'm not sure if steam would be hot enough to melt it, BUT it might soften it, and it would certainly be harmless on the fabric. How attached are you to the suit it's attached to?
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By Darl
I had the same problem - I stitched my old patch on, but when I came to change it, somehow it had started to fuse in places *shruggs* so I used a hair dryer to soften the residue and slowly picked at it, managed to get a few bits off - after about an hour I gave up and just washed it a few times - it's not too noticable now, plus when I put the new patch on it's not that visable :)
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By realghostbusterjoe
Thanks so much for all the feedback...
washing it is an option...
and i'm not extremely attached to the suit that it is on, it's a good flight suit but if I am putting another patch on the same location it won't matter if there is residue or not...
i'll try a few things to get it off...
If not i'll just get another flight suit and keep that one as my first suit to go along with my first pack! ; )
By joeleitz
Oh, that's a great idea! I have a patch that I want to remove too but the glue is unbelievable! I never thought of a hair dryer though! Thanks for the tip!

Does anyone know a good place to have custom patches made? I want to design my own but I don't know an inexpensive place that will make it up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
By mikestrepps
First, You have to pick up iron from a cloth store. Place your uniform on the ironing table, and then heat it. You need to know that use a medium setting on your iron because, high heat will cause the iron on glue to soak into the fabric. After you have heated the area where your patch will be placed, position the iron-on material on the back of your patch. Then press the iron on the patch but do not move the iron and hold for 15 to 20 seconds, then remove the iron. let the patch cool for a few minutes until you can touch it and not get burned. lift up the cloth and wear it.
By pchrisbosh1
All you have to do is heat it back up with your iron and it will peel right off. I had to do this with my suit because i wanted to move the patch down a little bit to be more accurate. It was quite easy.

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By Nicholszz
Heh, if you still need to do this.
Good luck... Really.
I eventually just got so frusterated I tossed my suit.
AND THEN my patches are all gimp now.

I need to remember where I bought my No Ghost patch though...
I got my nametag off Katarra hmm...
By Potato.
I learned a valuable lesson about removing an iron-on patch today.

Don't iron on a patch.

I thought I had everything squared where it was supposed to be and I ironed it down so it would stay still to sew. And... somehow I moved the thing backward about an inch and when I put it on it was way too far back on my arm. All you have to do is run an iron over it again to loosen the glue and peel it off, but - big but - there's residue very obvious where the patch was. It looks stupid as all hell, but I can't afford a new jumpsuit. If some kid asks, I'll tell 'em it a slime stain.
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By realghostbusterjoe
The patch was removed successfully with a sure shot steamer.
Blasted it with hot steam and the patch came right off with minor tug.

It did leave some residue behind, but it will be covered up with a new patch so it shouldn't be a problem.
(If you are looking for the best patch around buy from the GBFans Shop!)
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