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By Lee FW
Hi, so a few months ago I scored something I've wanted for a long time, a piece of original hand painted production artwork clearly depicting the full length exterior of the firehouse (and it's an awesome piece to behold!) There's a few printed versions of this one floating about at the mo included with cels but was lucky enough to grab the original for just a fraction more.


I haven't had chance to watch every episode again to locate it so just wondered if it jumps out at anybody or if there's any clues as to the season? (I imagine the Ecto is from another episode)

Is it from an episode opening establisher?

If anyone can help I'll wing a hi-res copy over to the person who identifies it

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By Lee FW
Mystery solved. Just by chance spotted this in Season 2 "It's a jungle out there" . Compared to some of the other episodes I have cels from this is certainly not a classic but it does have a talking dog that walks on its hind legs so that's something! Was interesting to see how cropped in the final image was compared to the painting.

Just wondered is it worth scanning and uploading to that episodes wiki? To be honest I'd love to see more cels, background paintings and original production art added to the episode guides where available.

Note, Ecto most definitely from another scene/episode.
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By Lee FW
pferreira1983 wrote:
Lee FW wrote:Note, Ecto most definitely from another scene/episode.
I kind of wish when these are sold that the animation cels are sold together with the right characters within a scene. It's a nightmare trying to pick apart and guess which character or object is from which episode.

Agreed! I try to stick to cels with an identifiable bit of tech or a ghost which can narrow it down a bit. Janines outfits are a great indicator too.

That said, now I've been watching them back to back I've noticed how different the show can look episode to episode even within the same season. I've got much better at narrowing down to within a few episodes because of this. Generally when I have an idea of where it's from I'll do a quick scan through those episodes. I'd say 90% of the time I can find which scene.

If you have any you're stuck trying to identify I'd love to see, see if we can figure them out

I struggled so long with the firestation because I thought it might be an unused background from the Grundel episode (clearly painted by the same person around the same time) so gave up but didn't think to watch those episodes around it until recently.
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Lee FW wrote:Agreed! I try to stick to cels with an identifiable bit of tech or a ghost which can narrow it down a bit. Janines outfits are a great indicator too.
It can be a real pain. I got lucky with a batch which was just animation stills from Night Game and that's only because they had no background!
Congrats on solving the mystery! I'm in a similar situation, myself. I've had a background painting of the firehouse for the longest time now and could never spot it in any episode.

See the spoiler for a photo of the artwork.

This Post Contains Spoilers

Does anyone, by any chance, recognize where this piece was used? It's killing me not knowing!

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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