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By Alex Newborn
Hey gang,

I was searching for a scrapbook of mine this morning, and I inadvertently uncovered all of my decades-old correspondence with James Van Hise, the writer of the Real Ghostbusters title for NOW Comics.

Right on the top of the stack was a photocopied version of the black and white proof art from the cartoon-style adaptation for Ghostbusters 2... including four pages that Columbia told them to delete when the scene was cut from the film.

Since I've been out of the loop for so long, this may be old hat to you guys. I'm sure the artists and fans have probably released these lost pages before, but if not, I don't see how they're doing me any good vaulted away, right? They should be free for every fan to enjoy.

So without further ado, here's Jim's own explanation from his cover letter:


And here are the four 'LOST PAGES'... Enjoy!





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By Kingpin
Thanks for posting those Alex, like AJ said, those are the best quality scans I've seen of the publically-posted pages... would it be possible to get those at a slightly larger scale?
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By d_osborn
thanks for posting the scans, man! cool stuff! i've always been fond of the RGB GB2 comics... huge nostalgia trip. the original layered cover art from the second issue was on ebay a week or so ago.
Yeah, I'm okay with this scene being deleted. I still wish that Slimer would have been seen flying around the statue at the end of the movie though...
slimer was actually supposed to fly out of the statue at the end. i'm pretty sure the shots were even composited and finished by ILM.
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By windycitywarrior71
I can't believe Winston brings up slavery in this scene. Buzzkill
yeah I agree doesnt seem like it should have been there. However I can see why talking about how their familys ended up here.I think they could have left that one out.
Ya know, and its probably just me here; but the more stuff I see deleted the more I realize that if Venkman was presented as he was orginally written in GB 1 & 2 he would have come off as a more of a jerk than a wacky semi-scientist and all around smart alec.

I saw the deleted scenes from GB 1 and his character actually improved with the deleted scenes being left out. Still wish the Fort scenes had been left in though.

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