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By HandSolo
So I was re-watching RGB for the first time in adulthood and got to Season 3 episode, "Once Upon a Slime." I was surprised to discover that approx 16 minutes in Egon and Ray hear an audible alert and Egon reaches down to the left side of his belt (below camera) and pulls up the Animated version of the Belt Gizmo.

It flashes "Ecto 2" and Ray exclaims that Ecto-2's emergency beacon has activated and that Winston and Peter must be in trouble.

Now I, like many fans, thought the belt gizmo was never used in RGB as well as the GB movies and video games. Now I come to find that at least one of its functions is clear (in RGB canon at least): It receives alerts from emergency beacons. I wonder if it can send emergency signals as well as receive.

Furthermore, I have trouble believing that I made an original discovery. I checked GBFans,, and spookcentral and they all said the function of the RGB belt gizmo had not been revealed (I have updated the entries I could). Is this truly a new find in the fan community or has this been discussed already? If the latter, could someone direct me to th discussion? Thanks.
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By Spengs
Now that you bring it up, I do vaguely seem to remember that. As much of a fan as i am, I am very slowly watching RGB for various reasons and I'm not even close to season 3. :walterpeck:
By philmorgan81
In Mr Sandman Dream me a Dream. Before Peter enters Room 7 and gets put to sleep by the Sandman if you look closely he uses the belt gizmo as a walkie talkie. Ray uses it as a walkie talkie in Baby Spookums, and Winston uses the belt gizmo as a walkie talkie in the Headless Motorcyclist. I know that in a majority of the time the guys use much bigger walkie talkies through the course of the series. So I assume that the belt gizmo is more of a short ranged walkie talkie, for use when the big ones are not available. Other then those occasions and the one mentioned in the post above. I haven't seen them use it for anything else.

By HandSolo
Wow good job Phil. Did you have a secret list somewhere or did you just re-watch every episode yesterday. I'm sure I would have noticed the baby spookems episode 2 days ago if I hadn't been watching it while falling asleep. Very impressive list and seemingly complete.

Now if anyone can show a Real ghostbuster using a yellow hose....oh wait, in RGB a yellow hose attaches the neutrona wand to the proton pack, so I guess urinating in it would be unlikely...
By philmorgan81
Ha! Ha! Thanks Hand Solo. :)

Actually I had way too much time on my hands as a kid. I watched them in my leisure as a child and still watch the DVDs Today. It was and still is my favorite cartoon.

Thanks Again. :) :) :)
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By Kingpin
I rather like the idea of it being an emergency beacon receiver, much more than it being another radio given how often we saw a specific radio (Mrs. Roger's Neighborhodd being a prime example).
By Dukegurl12
That would seem to make sense, but not in the second GB movie because they have the lifepass alarms, or whatever they are called. Those yellow alarms.
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By dojhromtrw
I know this is an old post. But I think i know what the gizmo is. When I bought my Motorola MT500 radios I also got a Minitor Pager that looked like a miniature radio. I was able to repair it. It recieves signals from a base station, and depending what tones it gets the pager activates and the base station can send a message, like an address and criticality of the alert for things like fires, accidents, etc. It is logicall for the GBs to build or modify something like this for thier needs
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By NotSabbat
Now that this post has been resurrected; One thing I have been thinking of doing with my belt gizmo is to make a simple EMF detector with an Arduino and then use the Nixie tubes as readouts. That way it can be a functional piece of Ghost detecting equipment.
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By dojhromtrw
That would be really cool to see different messages and warnings. Networking would by really cool, say an EMF field was high around the Ecto1 the Display would Say ECTO1 after reception from that other detector (like the cartoon) then each character or place where a gizmo would be. EGON, PETER, WINSTON, RAY, GBHQ, Franchise member names, etc. I'm still figuring out why in a couple shots, Ray had the end piece in his pocket. was it taking health and status from him? or just he didn't have time to attach it to his belt. Hope to see what you do with your Gizmo!!

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