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By Dr._P_Venkman
If The Real Ghostbusters was to be streamed on it's parent platform, would it be a Sony Ghostcorp exclusive or on Disney+ as Disney owns DIC?
The whole series and Extreme Ghostbusters were on Netflix for a while so I'd love to know who the licence is with right now.

I'm sure it'll become hot property come Afterlife and the house of mouse won't let money go....
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By deadderek
Extreme Ghostbusters is currently on Hulu, and if The Real Ghostbusters comes back that's likely where it would end up.
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By mrmichaelt
Hmm, well both are one of many i.p.s revolving on Sony Crackle. Some if not all are on Crackle if you look hard enough. Yeah, RGB was on Netflix for about 2 years then left last year. But I think that was when anything Ghostbusters that was on Netflix left by April 1st. Whatever deal came to its natural end and shuffled off. I haven't checked recently but I think the only place to get RGB now is Google Play and Amazon Prime. But I agree, if EGB ended up on Hulu, it stands to reason RGB will eventually arrive on Hulu sooner or later. Probably sooner to tie into Afterlife coming to theaters this year. But it's quite curious, another DiC series Inspector Gadget is on both Netflix and Hulu at the same time right now.

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