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By thebigone2087
I'm not sure if I missed something. Do you prime before applying the texture and then clear, then prime again?
I did. Prime, tape, texture, top coat, prime, color.
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By | alkaline |
Awesome method. Will definitely use on my next shell. Quick question though. I'm guessing is not possible to do any sort of sanding once the texture is applied. Are you doing anything as far as prep work between black coats or are you just spraying? I see you use steel wool on the final coat. Do you get any swirl marks as a result? Thanks !
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By ecto88mph
I had no problem with my studio creation.....I put down a layer of gray primer, then a layer of silver paint, then clear seal, finally flat black. All the while sawdust and other stuff got caught up in the paint. I love how it turned out.
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By venkman69
Did anyone come up with some good products to use in the UK? Getting that wall texture on eBay from the US is costing quite a bit in postage.
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By ccv66
You should be able to get the spray homex texture on the uk Amazon.. think it's a little pricey though. I used truck bed liner spray can. It's cheaper and pretty invincible, where the wall texture can be delicate. May not be as accurate but I was pretty happy with it
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By ccv66
I painted over the top of it.. Find a can with a texture you like, there's a big variety of ruffness and practice with it. Remember to pull the masking tape before it hardens.. Though it's invincible it's also permanent, don't want to screw up
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By +Halomobilo+
Great tutorial, I'm going to try this technique with the Rust-Oleum Stone Spray Paint in the UK (from Homebase) on my 3D printed pack as I think the texture will probably refract/disperse the appearance of some of the remaining few layer lines.

One question about where you spray the texture. Obviously some areas are clearly masked off in the pictures but are all sides of the pack textured all around including the top part? it's clear that the sides of the Cyclotron and also the top of the Crank Generator box are textured from looking at the pics, but I was wondering about the left side of the pack, by this I mean the side next to the Power Cell/under the Ion Arm and along the top of the pack on the flat surface that meets the Crank Generator box. Any more pictures of these areas?

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