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By Torwen

perhaps this isn‘t new, I didn‘t do research if someone else had the same idea.

Real Legris straight connectors (part number 3175 04 10) are hard to come by these days.

The average builder / collector - like me - can get some decent replicas or do an endless search for the real deal. I think I‘ve found a way people can get a decent straight connector for their packs and trap pedals. Without further adue here‘s what I came up with:

I want to mention that you will need a lathe - or at least know someone who has one and knows what he does.

Legris produced a fitting which looks like this:


This connector is a real vintage Legris product. It accepts 5/32 tubing.

The first step is to remove the small brass tube which extends from the hex body. Put the whole thing in a vice (put something softer than brass in between the fitting and the vice otherwise you will damage the flat brass surface). Then wiggle and pull the brass hose off. You can discard the hose once it‘s out, we don‘t need that.

What you‘ll have is this:


Then on the hex body, measure 11mm from the one edge where the nipple (but without the nipple!) to the other side. Make a mark.

Put the thing in the lathe and start turning down the hex shaped body from the flat end to the other end where the nipple is.

I turned as much away as I need to make a 1/8" thread there. Can‘t give you numbers here.

This is what you will end up with:




Note the hole where the brass hose was...nobody‘s going to see this since it‘s hidden by the shell itself once screwed / glued in place.

You don‘t need to make a 1/8" thread, you can just turn it round via the lathe and simply slide them into the holes on the shell and simply glue them in place. Just as you like.

I think with a little bit of work you now have a decent straight fitting - made by Legris, 5/32 so it accepts a 4mm hose.

It‘s not 100% the real deal but I think better than a resin replica.

Maybe someone has a use for this, I don‘t know.

By Torwen
The part number for the Legris fitting used here for this method is:

3109 04 00

A side note:

It seems that there‘s a difference in between this fitting and the correct one.

The fitting I used as a base does have a diameter - measured flat to flat! - of exactly 10mm.

The correct part however does have a diameter - flat to flat - of 11mm.

I don‘t know why they produced this stuff back in the day with such minimal difference between eatch other.

From a production pov, the basic raw material is a brass hex shaped rod.

Since you can produce both variations out of just one rod (10mm or 11mm doesn‘t matter)...why make some out of a 10mm and others out of an 11mm. Noone cares about this 1mm difference and it costs more to use two different sized, hex shapes brass rods...but that‘s beyond me.
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