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Hi everybody,

Hope everyone is well.

As the title implies, I'm trying to modify a Spirit Halloween Pack to make it more movie accurate with new lights and a connector for the Matty wand.

I saw a separate kit from ghostlab42 for the lights and cosmetic features and one for the matty wand. It looks like you can have them work together but not exactly sure. I tried going to Ghostlabs42 site but its currently down. If anyone has done this and has instructions please let me know.

Also any recommendations for a battery, power switch, speaker and connection wire? As I'm based in Dubai, I need a battery I can charge that can handle 220V or be a 120~240V. The speaker I would like one that could be heard at Cons but would fit into the pack.

lastly any tips for mounting it to an Alice Frame? Currently, I have it zip tied to the frame using the straps of the Spirit pack but not sure if this will hold up after the mods.

Thanks for any and all help.

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