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By PssdffJay
Ok, I had some time tonight to dye my suit. I cut off the Velcro for the name patch, cut off the pp cover on the arm. Followed the directions and only the slightest dye took.

No flash before and after.

With flash before and after.

There was no daylight to take photos in. I couldn't see a difference except on the loop Velcro. I even washed it with fabric softener. The. Dried it with twenty bounce sheets. Immediately washed it again and dried it with the old twenty bounce sheets and put in another twenty. I counted. They were flying around everywhere. Then died it and washed it again and dried it with the fourth old sheets and ten more new.

Here is a photo of the pp flap on the died arm. You can sort of see a difference. Without flash and the. With flash. ImageImage

I have 2 more boxes of die and I could try again tomorrow. Not sure if I should just cut my losses or not. Any thoughts?
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By PssdffJay
I guess this suit is just not going to take the die very well. After another hour and a half, now totalling 4 hours, it only slightly shows any difference.

I'll start with the original again and then the final.
No flash

With flash

And comparing with the pp flap thing I cut off.
These are both after dye. No flash.

With flash

It's really though to tell. It looks more grey in real life with the 2 pieces side by side. Still haven't seen it in daylight because it was 2 am when I finished it. It's not going to get any better than that I'm afraid and I need to still sew patches and leg hose connectors and sand the zippers down.

Hopefully other people don't get discouraged. I don't know why mine didn't work out but obviously others have been able to do it.
By richcap
Welp. I hate to be the Debbie Downer here... followed the directions here to a T. Im wondering if the instructions to dye a flight suit were for a "new" Flight suit...cause this did. not. work. for. me.
So my CWU-27/P tan flightsuit was "used". It had some piling. After pulling it out of the washer/dryer, it actually became darker overall, but the piling seem to capture more of the dye - for a weird fuzzy, oddly colored suit. I'm pretty bummed, as the flightsuit cost a pretty penny (approx $50).
Any one have any advice on how to "save" this flightsuit? :(
By jo r
Check with stores that sell fabric- they may carry a battery operated handheld "pill shaver"- depending on brand and size, run between $10-$15. They are usually used to remove the fuzz balls that develop on sweaters. Perhaps just removing the fuzzy's will do it. Put in a movie, though, process would be time consuming for a project that size. Good luck!
By jeeptasticparties
So I didn't hear back from anyone so I did alittle experiment, so I used the 2 boxes of rit dye and did everything that egonsglasses said but I only left mine in for an hr or so, and it came out perfect, mine was a gbfans shop flightsuit, figured I'd say something about it in case anyone like me with a tru spec suit could dye it to the right color

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