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By Michaelvk
Very nice work.
I'm currently printing and assembling an 80% scale pack myself.
That XTC3D stuff is pretty handy if you can keep the runs and ripples in check.

I had a few on the ion arm tower that needed removing, but overall it went on okay. I dreaded the drips too. It did a nice job of blending some corners, mind you. Brushing it until it becomes tacky helped.
By Michaelvk
Very nice. I like the weld lines. I am also trying to learn some 3D software by making pack parts.
I used the mograph plugin in Cinema 4D (the software I'm using for the modelling) for that. It allowed me to randomise the shape of the weld beads for a more realistic look.
By Michaelvk
Getting closer.. Still need to work up the nerve to start the wand, though. Fasteners still need to be addressed properly, as well as some placards, as well as some obvious missing details. Stuff in the post still: The GB Fans electronics, some proper Legris elbows, a V-hook..

By Michaelvk
The wand is underway. Ultimately it'll have lever operated extension, like the 'real' deal. Sensibly aluminium grip and barrel anchored in the printed body with friction fit and screws. A 2mm aluminium cover plate held to the body with six M3 screws fastening into captured nuts will hold the gun track and V hook. Hopefully that'll be going nowhere.

By Michaelvk
It's finished!

(For now.. We all know these things are never truly finished..)

Here's some close ups of the weathering:




And me debuting the setup at Cardiff comic con yesterday with the Welsh Ghostbusters: ... 7741517824 ... 8721888256


Quite happy to be done now :)
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By Venkman's Swagger
Awesome pack, awesome pic's
Thanks man! I'm pretty pleased with it and even more so that it's finished!
You're welcome dude. Enjoy her
By Michaelvk
What does the inside of the pack look like. How was it to run the electronics?
I'll try to take a pic of the version 2 I'm working on for a friend of mine, but basically it's all compartments because of the way I had to print parts and make sure they fit on the bed. The battery and GBfans main board sit in the gearbox and under the booster tube. The wiring for the pack lights volume control and speakers run through holes drilled in internal walls, the ribbon cable and master power switch cable for the wand runs through the hose going from the gearbox to the generator.
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