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By jamesdhead
I started this project 6 months ago. Using pictures and sounds from these forums, I was able to make a really cool proton pack for my four year old son. After the first 10 hours or so of trial and error in finding and making components to scale, my wife reminded me that Grayden is 4. She could see me driving myself crazy trying to make it exact.

So, I scrapped a lot of plans and ideas, and focused more on making it "real enough" but adding lights and sounds that are fun for my son. It has a laser light and flashing, rgb LEDs . I got the sound for it from these forums. It has a little LCD display on the back that flashes a few cute things too. It is run by two arduinos and powered by a portable phone charger/battery to be rechargeable.

Here are some pictures. I will post the arduino sketch, parts list and some basics behind construction within a few days. Thank you for having this site as a resource. He LOVES it. I have to start working on mine now, which I will make as close to real as possible because I am not 4 and I will know the difference. Lol

Just saw that images need to be links, so when I get the images posted on my site today I will complete the post
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