For those crazy guys in Europe.. Great Britian, United Kingdom, England... etc.
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By Kingpin
As cool as it would be for it to be THE Ecto-1... I have a suspicion it'll be Milton's replica, unless they went out to the States for the test drive.
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By carpathiankitty
hmm let me think, a, b or c.
come on everyone, lets get the burning torches and pitchforks and head down to the fifth gear studio.
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By Kamachi
I'd do that to fifth gear for lesser reasons...

..who am I kidding? I'd do that to most things for no reason!
A man after my own heart

Fifth Gear never appealed to me, plus I can't stand that Tiff Needell, Top Gear and it's ludicrousness is where it's at
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By Hasford1978
I just watched that Ecto-1 clip, was nice to see the car although it isnt the original but its such a lovely vehicle, id sure love to test drive it myself but those two in the clip were boring to time ill mute it

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