For those crazy guys in Europe.. Great Britian, United Kingdom, England... etc.
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By MarkMjsy
HI everybody,

Apologies if this is already up on the forum somewhere. I have had a good look didn't see anything but you never know....

I am looking for any GB fans which is based in Jersey or any of the channel islands which would want to get a group together? Or if anybody knows of a GB group which is already formed based on one of the CI rocks?

Any help with this would be fantastic! Surely am not the only person on here from the Channel Islands... :cool:
By manonarock
Hi Mark, I'm in Jersey and also looking for other Channel Island Ghostbusters and would be interested in getting a group together...even if it's just the 2 of us!

I have a Matty Wand on order and being delivered any day now and i'm also hoping to start building my own pack soon.

Do you have any equipment of your own?
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By MarkMjsy
Hi dude yes I've got the full gb1 uniform, trap and building the wand at the moment. Pack parts are on order and am hoping to to start building it within the month. Please check out the group jersey ghostbusters on Facebook. There is a few peeps over here in jsy which are gearing up.
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