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By Kingpin

Hey guys, on Friday word came through that Dan Aykroyd would be present at a signing event at The Whiskey Exchange in London on Monday the 5th of June. Here are some more details of the event, as well as what to possibly expect following his previous event at the department store:

Where: The Whiskey Exchange (2 Bedford Street [Close to where Bedford Road joins The Strand], Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom) - the nearest tube stations are Embankment, Charing Cross and Leicester Square. The nearest car parks are NCP Car Park Covent Garden, NCP Car Park Hop Gardens, Savoy Adelphi and Q-Park Newport Place.

When: Dan is scheduled to arrive around 17:00*, whilst some fans are planning to meet up around 14:00.

Can I get my item signed by Dan?: Based on prior experience, yes, but only if you'd bought a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka. Even if it wasn't necessary, I would suggest buying whichever bottle you could afford as a polite gesture.

Can I get my photo taken with Dan?: Based on the previous event, Dan was happy to pose for photos, but depending on his schedule this time, and the security folks, this may be subject to change at any time, so please keep that in mind.

Here's some recollections based on the last time he visited:

The security folks were a little squirrelly, but as soon as it became clear that we could wait patiently, and we didn't get too caught up in things, they seemed okay. Excitement is understandably, but let's keep it professional, people. :)

The signing was on one of the below-ground floors of Selfridges, and the queue itself was narrow-ish, so consider taking as few bits of bulky gear as possible, reducing items that look suspicious to security folks is probably a good move in these difficult times.

*Dan's arrival was late at the past event, so please consider the possibility this could happen again. Please give ample "wiggle time" to avoid disappointment/missing out on other London-based activities.
During the previous occasion fans could only meet Dan and get something signed if they'd bought one of his vodka bottles. Additionally, please consider arriving early to take into account any long queues.
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By Lee FW
My girlfriend and myself will definitely be attending, and what better excuse to buy some fancy vodka!

She's she's well and truly got the GB bug now so currently debating wether she wants to dress up (just jumpsuit, belt and gloves) What's the general attitude to cosplayers from the store? Sadly I won't be able to...I'm taking far too long to put my gear together!

Any idea of how many are meeting up beforehand?
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By Kingpin
For those planning to attend the Dan Aykroyd signing at Selfridges on Monday, there are unconfirmed reports from Selfridges itself that the event is indefinitely postponed/cancelled. This is still developing so as soon as we know something concrete, we'll pass on the information to you guys.

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