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By Scuba Steve
FYI regarding backwards compatibility: If you own a digital copy of Ghostbusters TVG, you can simply download the game (likely ~7gb) and play it. If you own a disc copy, you will insert the disc and it will download a copy of the game... using this method will still require the game disc to be inserted into the XBox One in order to play.

You should be able to download any addons like the mayor/ghoul/gold packs you had before. If you want to transfer your save games from the 360, you will need to transfer them to the cloud storage.

Additionally, multiplayer should still be functional because Microsoft hosts the game servers, not each individual company as per the Playstation. who's up for some Ghostbusters multiplayer this coming weekend?
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By robbritton
Anyone else having trouble getting the game to recognise their Xbox live profile? Can't get it to sign in even though I'm signed in on the home screen.

EDIT: well, posting this seemed to make it fix itself! Result!
By venkman30
So I've been playing this the past day now and noticed u can't run now more online? I haven't played story yet again. My gamer tag is same as my name on here. But I never played much online before and am noticing some different things. Purple slime? Boson seems different also. Oh and if any of yous happen to play and see me on there keep in mind I am legally blind so it's not that I completely suck. I'm out to have fun.
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By Dave McFly
I recently got a used copy for 360 from a local game shop so if you ever wanna bust some heads (in a spiritual sense) let me know.
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