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By robbritton
Likewise. I'd never claim it was close to 2009 standard, but I enjoyed using the proton stream and messing about with the Ectomobile. And it was ten thousand times more fun than the 2016 tie-in isometric shooter. Its main fault is that it is unforgivably short for the money. As I imagine it's as close as I'll ever be able to afford to get to the Firehouse, I'll take the £6 hit!
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By Alphagaia
Act 2 "Showdown" is now available. ... USTERSVRC2
Sadly, it's very short and expensive again...
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By jakeacc
I think I might wait for a "chapter 3" to come out (if it ever does) and maybe buy all the chapters in a bundle. But, I can't support buying a game, a level at a time. (and waiting 9 months in between levels) Also do not like that this is a separate app and not just an added level to last years VR game. I'm assuming that if you own both levels, playing through the first level won't automatically load this level seamlessly? If it does, then at least you are getting a 20 minute GB VR experience. The render quality of these games are great, but it's clear that the developer doesn't really care about making an interesting VR experience. Just the bare minimum - almost like random tech demos with a Ghostbusters skin. If GhostCorps does not have interest in making a compelling VR game, why don't they license it to a game studio that is passionate about VR. You can tell there was so much love in the making of the 2009 GB game that is definitely lacking in these VR levels. Ghostbusters is one of Sony's biggest IPs. I feel like Sony would want to put the effort into their own 1st party games...give PSVR an advantage over Oculus/Vive.

This just feels like a huge missed opportunity. Imagine a VR port of the 2009 game! Or 4-player multiplayer co-op! Or actually having Ghostbuster characters in a Ghostbusters game! Or VR missions of classic Ghostbuster scenes/environments. (interacting with the librarian, capturing slimer in the hotel, fighting Gozer on top of the building, battling Vigo, etc)

The total of these two levels is about 20 minutes. The Batman Arkum VR game is also about 20 minutes. But the fun factor and game design is night and day between the two.
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