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By Seth Rex
Would any of you have liked DLC missions for Ghostbusters: The Video Game? What I mean is this. You know how the main mission is referred to as 'Career' I wouldn't it be cool if there were separate hauntings as DLC? Like full fledged areas of New York with hauntings that you as the rookie can go and bust the ghosts?
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It would have been really cool if the 2009 video game did have some DLC missions to go on after the main story was complete, since DLC is a big thing in the world of video games now. I can totally see going out as the Rookie and busting ghosts in various locations around New York. I believe that someone from Terminal Reality said that DLC missions were at one point going to be in the game, but they had to cut them due to time/budget issue prior to the release.
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By Chris Brewin
This is a GREAT idea! Too bad it didn't happen... but a few DLC packs I would have loved to see:
-RGB skin packs: lets you play through the "carreer" seeing the RGB characters
-GBII mini-game: put a bunch of the ghosts from the montages in the museum... you battle them, then at the last minute before confronting Vigo, some drain or something breaks, you fall into the river of slime and once you get out, you're back outside the museum and it's covered in slime; then you have to slime-up Lady Liberty and walk her to the museum. I think the challenge for the Lady Liberty thing could be picking the right "happy" songs on a mix tape then making sure you don't squish too many citizens so that when you get to the museum your "happy meter" is sufficiently charged to break the slime shell. Then got in an kick Vigo's butt back into the painting.
-Drive Ecto-1: Maybe some sort of Arkham Knight-style driving challenge?
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By JurorNo.2
I just saw a video with Mundane Matt and apparently they announced that the 2009 game is no longer canon. I wish the 2016 movie wasn't canon. :(
I wish Mundane Matt would get a life.
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By JurorNo.2
Contribute to the dumbing down of discourse, that's all.
How? I don't agree with him all the time but he makes the most sense in what he says.
I admire that you speak your mind here, but we will agree to disagree on that one. ;)
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By mrmichaelt
It would have been cool to play as one of the Ghostbusters in a DLC mission and/or you get the option of swapping between Rookie and one of the 4 depending on the objective (i.e. clear an obstacle for the others). The missions would be the one-off day in the life busts (like the call to the Sedgewick in the first movie). Janine gets a call and you, the player, gets to choose who to take.

Make a really hard DLC where you can only use the basic equipment - Proton Pack, Goggles, PKE Meter, Traps.

Naturally, reliving scenes from the movies would have been neat.

Maybe side-missions about taking on other members of the Cult of Gozer. Basically, the GBs dealing with any stragglers still around after the game ended. Expand a bit on the Cult mythos.
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