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By Seth Rex
Something bugs me just a little when I play the Video Game. And I just thought I'd get it out of my chest, to ask this one simple question.

In Ghostbusters 2 the Vigo painting is ultimately destroyed and replaced with that one painting with the guys and the baby. So how do the Ghostbusters have the Vigo painting in main floor of the headquarters. Shouldn't it technically be that painting of them? It'd make more sense to me.
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By timeware
It's not a replica. I haven't thought of that until I read this post. The painting is actually Vigo since you can interact with it. I still like the idea of the GB's hanging Vigo in the fire house rather then throwing him in the containment unit. GB II is more known for Vigo then the final painting in the movie so that's probably why they didn't use it.
The way I look at this is it's a better revenge plot to torment Vigo so long as no one gets possessed again.
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By Sav C
The pictures they took of Vigo certainly had some paranormal stuff going on to cause them to catch fire, right? Or did Vigo just put spell on the photos while they were being taken? I wonder about the slides that were "available in the gift shop".
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By mrmichaelt
Short Theory: Ghosts don't get destroyed. My opinion was that Vigo was only neutralized at the end of Ghostbusters II. In The Video Game, he was able to remanifest his appearance thanks to the Psi Energy Pulse but was still in a benign form that could do little else but talk.

Long Theory: Vigo appeared to have cast some black magic that anchored his spirit to the painting before his death. Fast forward to 1989. By New Years Eve, Vigo had enough power from bonding with the negatively charged psychomagnotheric slime to take a semi corporeal form, leave the painting in a limited range, and had abilities exceeding a Class 4 and mirroring a Class 7. But bonding to the psychomagnotheric slime made him weak against an equally positive charge. The singing from the people outside coincidentally provides the sufficient equally positive charge and discorporates him, forcing him to take refuge in the painting. Tries to possess Ray and transmogrifies him like he tried with Oscar but the singing and Winston's positively charged psychomagnotheric slime ejects him. He gets reverted standard ghost form which is apparently the floating Vigo head.

Vigo drenched in positively charged psychomagnotheric slime forcefully shoved by proton streams into a painting infused with negatively charged psychomagnotheric energy is well a match tossed onto leaking barrels of gasoline. The explosion I interpreted as a physical manifestation of the destruction between the bond Vigo made with the psychomagnotheric slime. As evidence by the slime shell completely dissipating since Vigo no longer was bonded and thus manipulating it. I think Vigo was reduced to a non-visible form like a Class 1 or 2 echo. The painting of the GBs and Oscar is a manifestation reflecting and showing the painting has been flipped to a dominant psychomagnotheric positive charge thanks to the intervention (and maybe even a psychic influence of the Ghostbusters that seeped onto the painting from him trying to possess Ray and subsequently being blasted).

So in The Video Game, the Psi Energy Pulse generated at the museum in the opening cut scene affects the painting so that Vigo is back but he is super weak because he's not properly manifested (like how Stay Puft/Gozer was so easily defeated because his manifestation was sped up and forced by the Cult of Gozer) so Vigo is only limited to verbal communication. Can't do anything else. The painting isn't all the way back to the dominant psychomagnotheric negative charge he had at the start of Ghostbusters II.
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By joeghostbuster
Venkman1984 wrote:Heres my theory. the developers didnt put all that much thought into it and just thought it would be cool to have in the game, and people are over thinking a fun easter egg lol

exactly. like a lot of the collectibles (like the toaster etc) they are just fun easter eggs to the original movies and cartoons.
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By skankerzero
Venkman1984 wrote:Heres my theory. the developers didnt put all that much thought into it and just thought it would be cool to have in the game, and people are over thinking a fun easter egg lol

winner winner chicken dinner.

We just thought it would be cool. The explanation decided after the fact was the pulse at the beginning of the game brought him back to life.
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While yes, the developers thought it would be a neat Easter egg and having Max do the voice again is a fun thing, you could use the theory above that the painting does return to it's original state. NY can still be a negative place and perhaps that negative effect on the slime still in the city created a way for him to reappear after 2 years and he's stuck there again. Maintenance by the GB team keeps the negative slime passageways from getting too backed up? The whole ghost subway for the mandala's seems to work the same way so yeah that could be him. It's like the Ecto's the 1 and 1A combined so there is a show of evolution like the PKE and Ecto Goggles so why not have Viggo back in the painting as a small class 1 due to reduced pool to pull power from?

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