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By One time
Here is a small gift to GBTVG fans.

GBTVG Ultimate Art Collection


The GBTVG retail disc had concept art included spread across 9 different sections. These could be unlocked as you played the game.

1. Sedgewick
2. Times Square
3. Library
4. Museum
5. Return to Sedgewick
6. Lost Island
7. Cemetary
8. Misc
9. Parade

There were a total of 287 files of concept art.

Paul Rudoff kindly extracted these and made them available on Spook Central: ... unlart.htm

What I have done is collected every additional piece of concept art available and saved these into the appropriate sections.

There are now 645 files of concept art, maps, photographs, etc.

These include new artist specific sections as well.

All of the content is credited and has been published online in the past, so there should be no copyright issues.

In the pursuit of completeness, if I have missed anything please tell me and I will release updated versions of this collection.

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