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By NSGhostbusters
Honestly, I think MP might not happen at all, considering that the remaster's Facebook, and Twitter pages haven't been updated in a long time. I can no longer get a hold of the devs on Messenger anymore (I managed to talk to them once a few months ago on there) (I sent them a bug report message about 2 months ago, and the message then and now still only shows as "Sent" I never got a reply either) No matter how much people would bring up MP on there social media accounts, they would never acknowledge the comments about MP, however they would reply to bug report comments when they were still active) but thats just my opinion on the matter. :/ le shrug
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By mrmichaelt
This is still embryonic, but it looks like the Remaster might be sold on Walmart's website starting June 19. A listing popped up on Walmart Canada's site. Perhaps this means Game Stop being the exclusive seller was limited and we could see it have a broader release this summer. ... ase-may-no
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By ccv66
Well I own it on the PC, PSP, DS, Wii, PS3, PS4. Might as well get the 360 version. Probably wait till June see if the remastered gets multiplayer, if not I'll break down and get Xbox live. Never tried the multiplayer, it be nice play 10-20 mins here and there
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By Wafflerobot
I have a question for anyone that has this on PS4. I own the game on Nintendo Switch and after completing the game you unlock 11 videos in total, which are all just the in-game cinematics. Apparently the PS4 version has 16 videos in total, what are the extra 5 videos?
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By Wafflerobot
I can't believe they made no adjustments to the weak NPC AI. You get knocked down and your teammates still run around like idiots instead of helping you. And it's a bummer to see they didn't make any changes to the unbalanced difficulty in the Azetlor, Sedgewick Kitchen, and stone angel battles.
I only bought this game recently on Switch and I felt I had to quote this because of how true it is. Dare I say it, I think the AI might be even worse then it was originally somehow and I am not a fan of some of the cheap deaths on Professional difficulty at all.

All that said, I did enjoy playing through this game again. I had hoped for a little more to be added to this version but I understand it had a small budget so I'm just thankful the game got another lease of life for a new generation of gamers to play .
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By ccv66
If you get good the AI don't matter.... I've definitely cussed a few times where I've had a buster about to save me and he dies, forced me to redo the battle. I kinda liked the difficulty though, made the game last longer. Not a game I wanted to rush through. Did rage quit with the statue Cupids, but Once I learned to keep my back to the fence, game overall wasn't to bad. Kinda sucks about the multiplayer. Feel like we were lied too
By DocLathropBrown
Adding more content to a game is not guaranteed. Had the PC version had multiplayer, it would have been included in the overall package, since they only had the PC code to work with. But given the additional development costs, it was never a sure thing. They would have definitely given it to us if the remaster had sold well enough to justify that extra cost. We weren't lied to.

That said however, they should have phrased it as "if it sells well enough." Of course, from a marketing standpoint that kind of transparency is frowned upon. But they never, to my memory, told us that multiplayer was "definitely" coming. It was always framed as a "maybe."
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