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By SkyHighGam3r
Now that the digital storefronts have the pre-orders available for the game a bit more information has come to light, specifically that the game will support HDR10. However, this is only noted on the Xbox Storefront, which leaves a major question about which versions are going to support the feature. Sadly PlayStation and Epic (Steam doesn't either) do NOT post HDR information on their sale pages. Why this is... I will never understand. It seems like such an incredible oversight to me.

Now, BEFORE you jump to the conclusion that because the Xbox version supports it "obviously" that means the other versions will, keep in mind that it is not even remotely unusual for any given game to ONLY support HDR on Xbox One. In fact, Xbox has the largest library of HDR capable games on the market. A good example is Rise of the Tomb Raider, as it's cross-platform or Forza Horizon 3, and ReCore, which despite being "Play Anywhere" PC-Xbox cross-play titles, only have HDR on Xbox.

So, what I'm wondering is if anyone has seen or read anything that points to the game supporting HDR on PC or PS4. Personally I'd prefer to have this on my PC, as it's my primary console (I even play X1 & PS4 on the thing) but if the Xbox is the only HDR capable version, I'm obviously going with that instead.

Otherwise, thanks for reading.
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