By grogking
I thought I would share a design I'm working on with the community. Maybe you have some input on the mechanics.

I'm working on the video game pke shown on the extreme left of this picture:


Here are some pics of the design so far. Almost ready to print out a prototype to see how components will fit.

Planning on powering it with an arduino nano, a small servo, and some neopixels. Hope this thing works out!
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By grogking
Thanks, got slowed down with some other projects, but still working on it. Some of the stuff I ordered from china got sent back, so waiting for parts again.
By Shipwreck
Awesome. Would not mind having a replica od the game pke. Loved the way it looked. Spot on it seems. The wings should work from what you showed. As I had a similar idea, based on the model of an F14. Which had gears that were used to open / shut the wings. Imagined this too for a pke prop. Best of luck!

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