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By CountDeMonet
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Track all ghosts and other paranormal entities this Halloween when you use this officially licensed P.K.E meter! This Psychokinetic Energy Meter is the perfect accessory to finish off your Ghostbusters look! Whenever you see a ghost this Halloween, the P.K.E. meter will light up and make sounds so you can track spirits wherever they may be.

Officially licensed
Dimensions: 11" H x 3" W x 3.25" D
Material: Plastic
Motion activated
Batteries required: AAA (included)
Care: Spot clean
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By ghostengineer
I have 1 on order and cant wait to get it. I'm hoping there is a way to mod them easily to more accurate sounds. I'm hope to either put a new handle on or somehow fix the existing to make it look more accurate. Maybe I may keep it as is since I do I have a Mattel pke meter as well.
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By RealGhostbusterJay
I got one of these, I really enjoy it, while it's not up to the specs of the Matty, I'm also not afraid to drop it. I removed the belt clip on it and that makes it fit into the holster I got from Tyger Cheeks. It's if anything a possible modding item and isn't that bad. Again they will sell if nothing else then us GB's buy them for modding or wearing to events were more cautious about having the matty items fall or get dropped.
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