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By AJ Quick

Last year, Dapper Dan Schoening (the artist behind the Ghostbusters: The Video Game styling on the Wii), and James Eatock (from Cereal:Geek and seen on the Real Ghostbusters DVD Set) decided to work together on a pitch for a Ghostbusters Comic and send it over to IDW Publications to see if they were interested. The guys put together a 16 page document showing potential layouts and character designs as well as laying out the first 10 comics (much more than the average one shot or 4 comic series we normally get). They sent it over to IDW, and eventually they responded letting the guys know they weren't interested in their comic.

While the comic may never get picked up by IDW or a Sony approved publisher, we have the Comic Book pitch available here for you guys to check out! Wouldn't this be a great idea for a comic? Would you buy it? I know I would... hello IDW...





If you like this styling and work be sure to see Dapper Dan's Deviant Art, and James Eatock's Cereal:Geek magazine.
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By gbcaribbean
I always wondered why Dan wasn't drawing that comic having posted all that GREAT artwork!
My two cents on this: I've been working in comics for 12 years now and I've seen all kinds of things. These sub-companies buy the franchises to produce these comics fast and low cost. I was precisely talking to a friend of mine about the look of the Ghostbusters comics. I don't know why they decided to go so "indie-looking", when Ghostbusters is a worldwide well known franchise and deserves a more meticulous treatment.
I've worked with companies who prefer to hire new kids who work for a few bucks than go with professionals and pay them what they are worth. They try to avoid hiring pros because they can catch a quick fanbase which means they have to pay him more to keep him around.

Comic Book world is based on fantasy but not too distant from reality issues.
By td9993
I would totally buy it and here's why others would too.

No one buys mini-series anymore.
Sure, a few do, but I WORK in a comic store so I can tell you, people will either wait for the TPB or just pass. We have lots of mini-series stuff laying around.
People need stability. They need to know the story will go somewhere and want to be along for a ride.

An ongoing series is JUST what GB would need.

And the art? It reminds me of when Batman the Animated Series came out. A great different look, just enough to make it stand out.

Hope someone grabs this idea.
By chriscmb
I would love to buy this I love Dan's art style and so far the stories and concepts sound great and even the humor is there. This would be awesome as a comic, even better as a new series or even a web series animated or comic style, but this has got to be the best Ghostbusters comic idea out there.
By jwesley
Very Cool. The plot sounds interesting, I like how they propose working in old characters in new ways. The focus on it being "just another job", almost like Ghost-janitors, sounds closer to what I had heard was the original GB idea, so that would be neat. Although I always imagine them as more "superhero-esque", it would be a cool angle they have going.
By Adam Bestler
I guess the mega-corporation doesn't see a way to make any real money off of this. f*** 'em.
By Chris M UK
i prefer dapper dans art style to the current art style IDW use at the moment. i love how the art style references the movies and the RGB cartoons. I love the fact the t-shirts the guys are wearing under their jumpsuits are the same colour as the uniforms they wore in the RGB cartoon!

Here's hoping they have a cunning plan to still get it made and that's why they've blacked out parts. Fingers crossed! They'd get my money!
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By RedVirtue
I love the fact the t-shirts the guys are wearing under their jumpsuits are the same colour as the uniforms they wore in the RGB cartoon!
Wow. I didn't even make that observation! This art style is better then the current IDW art. I liked the style of 88MPH but they had to go and fall of the face of the earth...
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By Gareee
I'd buy this for sure! Is there any possibility of them just publishing this digitally? I converted it into a 2 page display pdf file, and it'd be prefect for a digital comic!

There are web services that can offer print on demand if someone wants a hard copy, and converting it to pdf so people could flip through it was pretty simple with adobe acrobat.
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By Kingpin
Excluding The Other Side, I've enjoyed IDW's Ghostbusters run so far... but between there being no comics scheduled for the March-June period, and the fact it's only been two miniseries and two one-shots... Ghostbusters is still being handled on a short-term release basis... like they expect it could fold any minute. Ghostbusters needs a on-going series, and IDW missed the chance to own bottled lightning with James and Dan's concept.

I'd also buy it in a heartbeat, and it saddens me that this pitch will probably never be used to produce a on-going comic series.

Please re-evaulate your stance, IDW.
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By Doctor Venkman
Don't get me wrong (really, please don't), I absolutely love this art style and would love to see it in anything officially Ghostbusters related (and yes, I know that Dapper Dan's style was the basis for the Wii game). This art is just fantastic, and really lends itself well to either a comic or a cartoon.

That said, the storylines don't strike with me all that much. They feel like they're "almost there" to me. Like they just need some fine tuning and they'd be great. It just seems like there is a lot of dealing with people rather than ghosts. And with the way the storylines all seem to mold together, it does feel more like a mini-series type storyline to me than I originally expected. Maybe its the fact that so many things are blacked out so I don't fully understand everything about the series (I'm sure I don't), but I don't get a good feeling off of "____ is later revealed to be ____". And my best guess is that the last issue has Walter Peck emerging from the shadows, which feels similar to Ghost Busted.

In any case, I really do like their overall pitch, and absolutely LOVE the artwork. In no way am I putting this down, just expressing my honest opinion.
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By Gareee
If they give me the permission, I'll make the PDF of these available for download.
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By Ray Stanz GB
I love it, the art work is amazing, from what i've read so far the writing is good too. I would purchase and read these comics on the regular. and if teddy's dreams come true i would watch it regularly on tv also.
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By shodanmark
I've got the IDW comics. I haven't got around to reading them all yet as The Otherside was terrible and the Displaced Agression looks to be the same after reading the first two issues. I'm not sure I'll bother with Tainted Love or anything else they spew out.

Dapper Dan NEEDS to be given a paid job to do this.

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