By egon92
"Actually you called him that. He did not call you that. "

Oh, sorry. He called me a "troll" and an "insufferable wank" not an asshole. The point is, I was flamed for having a differing opinion. And all I really wanted to say was that the Joy Ride version is not that bad. We haven't even seen the Hotwheels version yet. We're seeing a prototype. As you said, prototypes can often be different from the final version. Having collected Hotwheels I am familiar with the process of how they make the cars. They start with a larger scale. This prototype may be 1:43 and it may be very close to the final version. But I still don't think your assessment of it being "vastly superior" is correct. How is it so? Because the equipment on the top is more detailed or painted in greater detail rather than being mostly black? Again, I hope that it is, and I believe that is what many of you are expressing: that you believe it will be better. But to say that it is "vastly superior" to the other version? I just don't see it. It may simply be better. It doesn't mean the older one is crap.
By egon92
gotta say i was stoked about the joyride ecto when i heard it was 1:18, except when i got it it was 1:20. that was my major concern with it, not the accuracy because at the time i didnt know how inaccurate it was. my gijoes didnt fit in it, and it looked small compared to them. i think i boxed it back up and forgot about it because the scale just pissed me off royally.

i'll be getting the hotwheels 1:18th when it comes out, no doubt.
Thank you. See. This is a reasonable response. I can agree with this. It's rational and valid. Thanks for sharing.
By egon92
Did the initial post not say there is a 1/18 or 1/21 scale version coming? I thought one pic was the 1/43 and the other was the 1/18?
The picture is of the same prototype. It is the 1/43 scale version. (Though it is possible that the prototype shown is larger than 1/43 scale).
I was being polite until everyone started flaming me for saying the Joy Ride version is not a piece of shit.
Everyone? Everyone? Also flaming? It was one individual who was pointing out the obvious differences between the Joyride and this version. Before that.. absolutely NO ONE had said the Joyride version was a piece of shit. Only that this version was vastly superior.
And then whats-his-face said I must be a "troll" or an "insufferable asshole" just for having an opinion.
Actually you called him that. He did not call you that. And really he was pointing out how your opinion was flawed from not actually comparing the two cars. You did not like being shown that you were wrong, so you resorted to name calling and swearing. I would have agreed with his comment about you being a troll. Do you work for Joyride?
Maybe people here need to be more considerate of other fans. I rarely visit these boards. So the members here didn't do much to welcome an outsider.
I wouldn't expect anyone to be friendly to you with your attitude. Especially when you post something like this:
Which to me tells me that you think some fans are less fans then other fans... or in the very least a lesser fan than you.
These boards aren't as friendly as other boards I am a member of in the community.
Because those boards are empty? Or full of people who are like minded (simple minded)? Here we see something we know not to be true and we will fight it.
I'd rather come in here and share opinions and ideas rather than be blasted by the elite members on the boards.
Your opinion which was I think the Joyride version is great, and if I could see any differences I would like the new version too. But since I can't see any differences I think the Joyride version is better.

People responded by pointing out that the differences are very easy to see.. and you now think they are elite because they are capable of umm.... seeing?
And you know, I didn't pay an exorbitant price for it like Matty Collector charges.
It is obvious to me now that you are a troll. You dislike Matty Collector and think their prices are too high. Just an FYI. This is NOT a Matty Collector piece. It will be comparably priced to the Joyride (though the larger scale one will be more expensive). The Joyride version fetches $200 on eBay. The new Mattel larger scale one should be around $120. That's cheaper than the Joyride.

Once you take the time to actually do some research and formulate an actual opinion.. I'm sure you will be much more welcome. In the meantime.. Hotwheels Elite 1/43 Scale >>>>>>>> Joyride 1/18/20 Scale. The differences and improvements are HUGE.
I can see that you're not seeing the point. I am not a troll. I am not saying people here aren't fans. I am saying that it is very "unfan-like" to trash on other fans who just want to be part of the discussion. Some of the responses weren't meant to have a meaningful disagreement, they were childish. If anyone here rereads the thread they will see that I was attacked for simply having a differing opinion. And I am by no means trashing the Hotwheels version. I'm simply stating that as someone who has the Joy Ride version, I don't see the big deal. I like the Joy Ride Ecto-1. It's a prized piece in my collection. And I'm not talking about paying $200 on eBay for it. I bought mine in the store at retail, which was probably less than $30. I know it was not $120. So if Mattel is charging $120 for a 100% accurate 1:20 version, then go for it. I know they will do it right. At that price it should be better than Joy Ride's version. But for me, I can live with the one I have. Now, a review may come along later to change my mind. I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks when it comes out.

You know, this reminds me of the time I told fans on a board just like this that the 88MPH comic book delays were going to hurt...kill, the comic. I was flamed then too. But was I right? Yes. Several fans blasted me and told me how hard Sebastian and everyone was working on it and that they wouldn't let the fans down. And then came the hardcover pre-orders and delays. Did that thing ever get printed? I wasn't criticizing the team of creators or the quality of the book, but as a comic fan I knew that to keep that momentum going, you had to keep the fans hooked. And the erratic release schedule took so much hype out of that book.

This situation isn't totally the same in those terms, but the fan reaction is very reminiscent of it. I am a fan too. You are fans. We can have differing opinions. We can be civil. I'm honestly not trying to upset anyone. I am truly sorry that I used some of the language I used. It was uncalled for, and I wouldn't want young fans to participate in that. I'm rather surprised that even a moderator would take the stance I saw here, but we're all human. Some people get emotional. I get that. My apologies to anyone who was offended or thought I was discrediting their fanhood. That was NEVER intended.
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By ProtonCharger
Thank you. See. This is a reasonable response. I can agree with this. It's rational and valid. Thanks for sharing.

i wasnt really agreeing with you. its plain as the nose on my face that the hotwheels ecto is more accurate, to say anything to the contrary is stupid. for what it was at the time, it was ok, but it didnt get near as much use as i wanted to because of the scale and its ridiculous amount inaccuracy.

seriously, look at it. the scale of it goes between 1:18 and 1:20 for different items. its not that well made. hotwheels has a full on license for it, and people that are good at scaling vehicles in miniature.
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By gamera1968
I remember when the H.W. 1/64th scale Ecto 1 came out and sold like hotcakes.
A lot of fans missed out on the first-ever Ecto 1 from Hot Wheels.
And a lot are still looking for one....or pay upwards of $20 or more online.

I think it looks pretty decent once the roof rack is custom painted, like mine :)



And a top view, next to my custom Hot Wheels BTTF Time Machine...



Not bad for a 99 cent toy car :cool:
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By AJ Quick
Just for your own reference:

Hotwheels Ecto-1: 1/64 Scale.
Hotwheels Elite Ecto-1: 1/43 Scale.
Hot Wheels Die-Cast Ecto-1: 1/18 Scale.
Mattel 6" Figures: 1/12 Scale.
Mattel 12" Figures: 1/6 Scale.

The Ghostbusters: 1/1 Scale.

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