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By AJ Quick

Ghostbusters Fans is having its forth annual costume contest! Three lucky fans will win various Ghostbusters prizes, including a PKE Meter from Mattel, an Ecto-1a model kit from AMT and the Ghostbusters Comic Omnibus from IDW.

How To Enter
Entering is easy! All you need to do is upload your photos to Ghostbusters Fans, or Facebook, and then reply to this topic with a picture of you in a Ghostbusters related costume from this Halloween season. It could range from a Ghostbusters uniform, to a Stay Puft or Slimer to Dana or Janine. The best photos will be voted on by all on Ghostbusters Fans' page on Facebook. The top 3 fans with the most popular photos will win. First place will receive the PKE Meter, second place the AMT Ecto-1a model and third place the Ghostbusters Comic Omnibus. All winners will also receive a Supporting Membership.

- No posting photos for other people, or of other people. You must be the one in the photo!
- One photo per person will be entered. If you post more than one, we will pick the best one to enter the contest.
- Parents can enter their children (instead of themselves), family group photos are ok.
- No group photos (except for family photos). Remember only one person will win the prize!

The deadline for photos is November 7th. Voting will start immediately and will end on the 14th, with the winner being announced thereafter.
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By AJ Quick

You must post your picture here in this thread for it to be included in the contest. Simply posting it to your profile or to your Facebook WILL NOT COUNT.

You must be the one in the photo.
No groups unless it is a family. (Only one prize will be sent per winner).
Ghostbusters related costumes ONLY.

Voting will occur on Facebook like last year. We encourage you to invite as many friends as possible to vote for the photo, but as we saw last year... if we feel there is unsportsman like conduct, we will remove you from the contest.

Do not comment on the photos that have been posted. You will have the oppertunity to comment while voting.
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By Ernest Reid
This is me and Wifey, Gozer took countless hours ( not mine lol) hope you enjoy,, if you have any suggestions for accuracy please let me know,

By moxieheart
Egon Spengler (me in my Egon costume) ghostbusting another costume parade group the Yip Yip guys from Sesame Street Halloween night before the 2012 Northalsted Halloween Parade step off in Chicago. A group of us Ghostbusters: Chicago Division members marched together in the parade in our full Ghostbuster uniforms, we had lots of fun and the huge parade spectator crowd loved it!

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By Harry Carpenter
So yeah, here's a group shot of all of us.

We have a lot of Ghostbusters 1 action going well as a GB2 with a Slime Blower, and some Slimer costumes! Kids made them with their own creative minds... and of course a Janine inspired pink ghostbuster outfit! Had a Stay Puft, but he wandered out of the picture moments before. Some of us had Ghost Halloween bags to toss candy to the kids that day. I know the rule about "no groups" but we are a family, as well as individual couples with their kids, and didn't want to compete against each other. I'm the one in the middle with the Pink ghostbuster.
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By Paganomation
This Halloween, a bunch of my friends and I dressed as Ghostbusters characters -- or in some cases, "paranormal investigators who eventually form the Ghostbusters."

I played the part of Egon Spengler, circa the library scene.


With two of my friends as Library Ray Stantz and GB2 Janine Melnitz:


Also making appearances were Venkman (not pictured), Vinz Clortho, and a jumpsuited local NY Ghostbusters representative.

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By SuperGeekGirl
Here's mine from Dragon*Con (I also wore it last night to a Halloween party). Ghostbuster Kaylee, based on two of my favorite things - Ghostbusters and Firefly.

I made the suit myself (and the pack, Ecto-1 charm necklace, and the caution-stripe laces on my boots which you can't see). I hand-embroidered the name patch based on a scene from Firefly.


Here's my "build thread": viewtopic.php?f=4&t=28336
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