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By AJ Quick

We lost Harold Ramis just over a month ago to Vasculitis, a group of disorders that destroy blood vessels by inflammation. Almost immediately, fans banded together to design a memorial pin or patch that would best pay tribute to Harold. The clear winner was this lapel pin designed by community member Dr. Stantz Jr.

Ghostbusters Fans is providing this pin at below cost to provide as many fans as possible with the awesome design. Pin it to your uniform, backpack, Proton Pack, t-shirt or anything that you can to pay your respects to the late Harold Ramis. Each pin is 1.5" wide and is made from a highly polished silver metal with black and red enamel lettering.

The pin is now available in the Ghostbusters Fans Shop for only $1.00 here: ... lapel-pin/

If you want to donate money to the cause, please make your donations personally to the Vasculitis Foundation.
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By AJ Quick
Please buy as many as you would like. I would absolutely love if franchises could coordinate together when purchasing to save on shipping (and save me the hassle of shipping multiple orders). Buy extras to give to friends definitely... but don't buy more than you think you'll need. We need to make sure everyone that wants one can get one.

Also would be great for people to get a few to give to the other actors if possible.
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By PssdffJay
I hope you have lots. I will get mine when the pads are in.

These look fantastic! Thank you to all who contributed ideas and Dr. Stantz Jr for the final design.
By Ecto-1 fan
Thanks AJ. Pins ordered and donation made.
Vasculitis has affected my family as well, though not much has ever been explained. Please donate in memory of Harold, so that others can learn of this disease and work towards training of medical personnel and facilities, and also for improved treatment and an eventual cure.
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By Heroic35
5 ordered! These are little and one-two could be lost easily. :)
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By MagicMan666
Looks awesome. got mine ordered! Thanks for doing this. One will be going on my Ghostbusters jacket, got some for friends, and a spare just to be safe. Think I might display it in front of an Egon figure.
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By pyhasanon
I'll be meeting Ernie Hudson in May, ordered one to give to him.
Sorry, off topic, but where are you meeting him? Is it a convention?
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By pyhasanon
And if there is, I'll order more to hand out to friends and family!
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By TheRealPonyboy
Hey AJ, I put two of these in my cart, and went to Paypal. Even after I selected my address (in New Zealand) it didn't add any shipping costs. I should probably go, "Huzzah, free shipping!" but just wanted to be sure...
By venkman30
Any chance these will be available at the beginning of next month. Was planning on putting an order in to the shop at the beginning of next month and would love to get a handful or two of these as well. Just I have hit my spending limit this month on parts and what not and would feel kinda silly to order just one right now.
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By lucky12
Those look perfect. Damn fine job on the design. I'm going to pre-order a few for myself.

This is still a little early, if possible I would like to order a bunch for PKE Surge/DCon. There still hasn't been much discussion if there is going to be a table again this year, so we would have to wait and see if that happens. Also you said that you are offering them at below cost, I wouldn't want you to come out of pocket to much if I order 100'ish.
By alininjageek
Hi I'm a new member from England......Egon was my childhood hero and Ghostbusters was back then and always will be my favourite film!! Harold was awesome and we'll never forget him! I'll wear my pin with pride along with my new GB tattoo which has a very distinct nod to Dr. Spengler......! We miss you dude, may are thoughts be with your family and friends xx
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