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By Doctor Venkman
Maurice2029 wrote:Does someone already know the size of the Slimer statue in the limited edition gift set? I'd love to have it fit with my 12" Matty Collector GB2 figures.

And does someone perhaps know the price of this limited edition set?

Doctor Venkman wrote:Geez... just saw the price that is listed on

$100 for this set? Man, that's steep.
By ScriptWriter
This is great news. Looking forward to seeing the deleted scenes from Ghostbusters II and the discussion with Aykroyd and Reitman. I've now lost count of how many times I've purchased these films. Oh well, another one to add to the ever expanding collection.

I would have liked a commentary track for Ghostbusters II and the Ghostbusters II featurette but I suppose you can't have it all.
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By pyhasanon
All the sets are now available for pre-order on Amazon!
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By Donkey8012
DRoomProductions wrote: Also, really hoping we get a list of theaters that will be showing the rerelease soon. I've got some planning to do...

I've been wondering this too. The last time it got a re-release, it was with AMC theaters I think. I really hope that's not the case this time.
By Ectojeff88
I noticed there's been no mention of an Ecto-1A restoration along with all the Ghostbusters II buzz. Last we heard Sony had placed the car in safer keeping after so many people asked to buy it when it was seen outside the backlot.
Wasn't AJ planning to make a presentation to Sony about fans restoring the car at some point?

Also, very disappointed in the box art. Why can't the cover artists stick to the classic logos? The mix of both just looks plain silly and unnecessary.
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By NoodleMaps
I just watched this interview with Ernie Hudson.

He mentions that the theatrical re-release of Ghostbusters will include some additional scene. Has anyone else heard this? Will this version be what is included in this set? Is Ernie confused? Did I hear it wrong?
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By Prologic9
He states it pretty clearly, and it's an unusual thing to make up out of thin air. But it seems very unlikely.

Still, editing in some of the deleted material would be an easy, cheap way to generate some interest (sales) of the re-release.

But it still seems very unlikely.
By Ectojeff88
M. Thunder, the original Ecto-1 was restored in 2009.

Ecto-1A from Ghostbusters II was also intended for restoration at the same time. Pictures even exist of both in the workshop, but as far as I've come to understand the money ran out so the restoration was scrapped/delayed to an unknown date. The lack of restoration was then evident in 2013 when the stripped bare Ecto-1A was spotted on the Sony lot.
By Troy
NoodleMaps wrote:Is Ernie confused? Did I hear it wrong?

I think he was pretty clear. Especially when he said, "I'm always reluctant to say anything because people keep accosting me at conventions with video cameras looking for 'breaking' news and my thoughts seem to constantly be on record."
By Maurice2029
Maurice2029 wrote:I send the people at an email with some questions about the statue (haven´t got any reply yet). Now I´m looking at the site and they removed the blurays from the store... weird, because amazon has them already listed.

This was their reply:

"Hello Maurice,

I am really sorry looks like this item is not available in your country and we do not have any information as to when it's going to be available.
MyPlay Direct"

So first I was able to see the item and click add to card (yet this function didn't work). Now I can't even see the item at all and they tell me it's unavailable for the Netherlands.
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By pyhasanon
Maurice2029 wrote:
John Stevens 87 wrote:Any news if the box-set will be region free,hope so...we can't have the rest of the world getting dumped on! walterpeck:

Amazon lists them as region free.

That's unusual, as typically officially released Blu Rays from the US are Region A, and European releases are Region B... (see about halfway down)... Cool thing if it is indeed Region Free...
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