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By joeghostbuster
well there are legal issues (thats why hes trying to get a lawyer) because sony owns the franchise/license but he is in possession of the physical media, they just want him to give him the film for their archives, it doesnt sound like they are going to do anything with it except throw it in a cardboard box in storage, so robert is in a tight spot. more than likely he will release digital versions (if not both the original & his restored version, then at least his version) for free with an option for people to donate $ to download the restored version, since he put in god knows how many hours of his own unpaid time to restore the old footage. i was hoping sony was going to do right by him but it sounds like they are just corporate assholes.
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By joeghostbuster
Update 1/18:
Reached out to "the toys that made us" crew on facebook. they replied to me in the past but have ignored my inquiry to talk to people in regards to ghostbusters. figured maybe they could arrange a deal to have the pilot stream with the rest of the series or have a netflix exclusive documentary but once again, deaf ears.

Also, haven't heard back after speaking to and leaving my number with the Harvard Law Clinic about legal advice. And have not heard anything at all from the GB fan who is in the law business.

Sorry for the lack of news, I just don't wana keep teasing images and I have no good news to report.

As for Plan B goes, waiting to do a Documentary and waiting to hear back on Blu Ray covers/labels to be printed.

Just keeping everyone informed.

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By joeghostbuster
2/1 Update from Robert:
Probably a month away from just saying here you go.

The documentary will be filmed on the 11th of Feb. Roughly a week turnaround before its edited.

Then finalize and launch the website.

I haven't tried every thing yet for lawyers but just the lack of response is crazy. Even if its sorry we can't help you would be better than not hearing back at all.

All I have found out is anything 1989 and later it has a 70 yr copyright shelf life and 50 yrs before 1989. So still a good 17yrs away from public domain, but I have no clue about companies renewing copyrights etc...

So basically once the documentary is done we can sit back and enjoy this piece of Ghostbusters history.

As stated before it will have my watermark in the corner, just for now in the hopes it will spark the interest of the powers that be to approach me and make a deal.

I can always swap out the video for a clean one at any point so for everyone hoping for that clean clean version it will be out there eventually. and before you complain its gona be way sooner than if i handed over the film to Sony cuz they would of just tossed it in the back room of their archives.

After ignoring the request to donate the film, there has been ZERO tries to contact me further on the matter so you can see the priorities on Ghost Corps/Sony's end is just not there.
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By joeghostbuster
Things are progressing well, if you haven't been following along yourself on the Facebook Page (, which has lots of updates, including some that have not been posted in this thread. Also, a new documentary style video by David Mattox was released today, which explains how The Real Ghostbusters series pilot came to be, and also how longtime Ghostbusters fan Robert M. Barbieri ended up with the film reel of the pilot in his possession, and his 5 month long restoration project to convert it from 30+ year old grainy film to clean crisp bright 1080 HD! the documentary can be seen here (LINK ABOVE) very interesting, especially if you love the RGB cartoon series!
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