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San Diego Comic Con 2018 has proven fairly quiet on Ghostbusters-related properties, with the informal coverage of Spirit Halloween's new offerings proving the main development from the convention. However, a new video preview of Ghostbusters World, revealed back in February, showcases some of what we should expect from the app's gameplay.

Some further details have also been revealed via /Film, including:

•The game will feature 150 ghosts (ranging from ghosts from every Ghostbusters property, to creatures that have been created by the IDW comic team exclusively for Ghostbusters World).
•Ghosts will need to be detected before they can be trapped, and will need to be worn down in a mechanic similar to 2008's Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
•The game features a character health system, which can be reduced by the ghosts during attempts at capture.
•A multiplayer function will allow players to join up in order to take down larger bosses, such as the Stay Puft Marshamallow Man.
•The game will feature a story mode, written and illustrated by the IDW comic team.

There is still currently no word yet on a release date for Ghostbusters World, but we will bring you an update as soon as a release is announced.
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