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By Kingpin
As if the previously-revealed bounty of products wasn't already enough, Funko will be releasing Ghostbusters-themed installments of their Funko's cereal brand:

•Slimer (Exclusive to GameStop)
•Stay Puft (Exclusive to Fye)

Priced at $12.99 each, the cereal boxes include a mini-Pop Vinyl figure of their respective characters. The Slimer Funko's is scheduled to go on sale on June 2nd, with the Stay Puft Funko's available from May 10th.
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By gbmickey
Don't know why, but both gamestop and fye just cancelled the preorders I placed for both cereals and the 10" Stay Puft... Tried to order them thru USGOBUY and they rejected their payment... has this happened to anyone else? I managed to preorder the Stay Puft somewhere else but it is impossible to preorder the cereal anywhere but gamestop and fye, and when they come out they will ask $40 a pop for these on ebay... bummer...
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