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By AJ Quick
We have a number of essential items for your Proton Pack back in stock!

GB2 Spectra Strip Ribbon Cable ... bon-cable/


Tubing: Blue (1/4" OD) -
Tubing: Green (1/4" OD) -
Tubing: Yellow (1/8" OD) -

Khaki Pistol Belt -


Black Pistol Belt -


Video Game Flashlight (C-Cell) -

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By AJ Quick
imagine4056 wrote:Any idea when Venkman name tags will be back in stock?

We'll see. Those actually require a lot of money and are slow to sell, especially during the non-Halloween period.
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By skeg_man
GBFamon wrote:I have ordered a belt while the shop was still closed (on the 27th, I believe). It now says they are out of stock, and my order hasn't shipped yet. Hope everything is ok. :-?

+1 Gbfamon... I ordered the same... Hope all is well. :-)

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